You've Always Wanted a Dream Job at a Prestige News Outlet: Apply now!


Writer/Research Assistant(s) for

Location: Washington D.C. (some flexibility there)

Pay: Unpaid but plenty of opportunities for bylines and real journalism. Plus editor-in-chief periodically picks up drink tab

Description: Exciting opportunity to work with me, an investigative journalist formerly with the Los Angeles Times and Harper’s Magazine and currently a contributing writer to VICE and a columnist for the New York Observer.

I’ve just launched, which you’re reading right now. No making coffee here, a job, so to speak, with Washington Babylon involves investigative research for articles involving major politicians, celebrities and scandals. Interns will also line up and conduct interviews with hot-topic experts and make contacts with other known journalist and media professionals. Meanwhile, you’ll be able to get their your own stories published at the site. Hours are flexible, work from home or campus, and the internships will last a semester (or longer, if desired).

Please submit resumes or a few paragraphs expressing interest to me at or call 202-468-1655.

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