He’s a very wiki guy
The kind you don’t want leaking your crimes

They say he excremented on the wall
And stuffed his jockeys in the toilet
He really let his hygiene go
So they made him hit the shower

That guy is pretty wild now
The guy’s a wikifreak
The kind enquiring minds find out about
While checking out their vittles

He’s a wiki freak, wiki freak
He’s wikifreaky
He’s a very wiki guy
From his head down to his toenails

He eschewed utensils when he dined
And always licked his plate clean
He skateboarded shoeless thru the embassy
And footballed freely with John Pilger

He cranked up white noise on the radio
Sort of like a Waring blender
He made his cat a high-tech spy
And eavesdropped on his “hosts”

But the patience of Equador has done run out
Now only Hair Furor’s pardon can save him
Because he’s such a wiki freak, wiki freak
He’s wikifreaky

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