Why Venezuela Opposition Leader Leopoldo Lopez Should Be Tried and Executed ASAP

Plus: Maduro Must Go, But Not For About a Year.


Venezuela is a complicated story, and yet in some respects it’s not at all complicated. What’s not complicated is that U.S.-backed opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez and “President” Juan Guaido, his bitch and Trump’s puppet, have committed treason and should be detained, tried and swiftly executed. This is so obvious it hardly needs elaboration, but I’ll briefly explain why below.

What’s more complicated, especially for some simpletons in the U.S. and European “Solidarity Movement,” is that that Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro is a corrupt thug and should leave office, but not immediately and not before Lopez and Guaido die by hanging or firing squad. This is so obvious it hardly needs elaboration, but I will briefly explain why below.

First, as to Lopez and Guaido. Treason is a crime punishable by death in most and possibly all countries. Lopez and Guaido are guilty of treason since they are openly and obviously conspiring with a foreign power, the United States of America. Lopez has been treasonously conspiring with the U.S. for at least two decades, since the great President Hugo Chavez won office for the first time in 1999. Lopez is the worst piece of shit imaginable. Guiado is the second worst.

On a minor note, take a look at this photo, from a New York Times blow job of Lopez. The man looks like he’s been snorting coke for 72 hours and while I cannot comment further, por ahora, from what I hear it wouldn’t surprise me. Incidentally, this photo was taken when the “Mandela of his country” was under house arrest at his lavish estate. Mandela he is not.

Lopez should have been executed and tossed on the ash heap of history long ago, to cite the great historian Groucho Marx. Or is Groucho the comedian? I always forget.

Guaido, a man with no serious political track record — and no track record whatsoever beyond computer sales — is a puppet of the United States and a front man for Lopez, who would be the de facto and future president if the coup attempt succeeds.

I believe it won’t, but there is no way to predict this with certainty as the Trump administration, being led by a leash by Florida Senator Marco “My Relatives Sold Coke And I Helped” Rubio, is frustrated with the spectacular failure of its botched coup and is preparing, sources tell me, even more lunatic measures to overthrow Maduro’s elected government.

Rubio, national security adviser John Bolton and career criminal Elliott Abrams should be in prison for their roles seeking to overthrow the Maduro government and starve the Venezuelan people. I would like to call for their execution, but they have not committed treason against the United States and, as a strict constitutionalist, I can only ask that they be imprisoned and placed in solitary confinement for life for crimes against humanity.

(Note: I’m working on a book about Venezuela and will be revealing much more about Lopez, Rubio and related scum.)

Look, I don’t like Maduro and no one should embrace the man. He is corrupt and authoritarian — though not as much in either case as his pre-Chavez presidential predecessors — but at this point we’re stuck with him. When the United States has the audacity to say Maduro must go and we are handpicking Venezuela’s new president, a former computer salesman, Maduro must stay. And not for a day or a month or three months, because that would be a sign of weakness and look to the world like the United States owns Venezuela, has it had until Chavez turned the country over to its rightful owners: the glorious, dignified people of Venezuela.

Furthermore, I understand why ordinary Venezuelans are exhausted and dislike Maduro, but one cannot underestimate the evil of the political leadership of Leopoldo Lopez and other opposition leaders. I recently had the misfortune of having dinner with a group of delightful people and one Venezuelan woman who I found utterly repellent.

A little background. In 1993, Chavez was in prison for leading coup against the famously crooked, U.S. media- and government-backed government of Carlos Andres Perez. CAP, as he was known, had ordered out Army troops to shoot demonstrators —hundreds or even thousands were killed, the exact number was never determined—against an IMF austerity plan.

CAP later died in disgrace in Miami, where he lived lavishly in exile, when he wasn’t doing the same in New York and Santo Domingo. His wife and his mistress had an angry, public feud about where to bury his remains and divide the money he had stolen from the Venezuelan people.

At the recent dinner, this very wealthy woman told me CAP’s mistake was not to have killed Chavez when he was in prison. This led to an angry discussion because I believe, and made clear then as I have in the past, that when Chavez won power his biggest mistake was not to summarily execute a small slice of the Venezuelan elite to demonstrate to the entire lot that their days were over.

Extreme? Study U.S. history. During the Civil War the great Union General William Sherman literally torched the South, killed countless enemy soldiers and civilians, and thereby broke the back of the Confederacy. The democratically minded Chavez should have done something similar because Venezuela’s old white-dominated elite view the country’s non-white citizens in much the same way that Southern slaveholders viewed Africans as chattel.

So there you are. Fuck the coup, Maduro for a year and execute Lopez and Guaido ASAP. Hey, it’s not a perfect plan but we don’t live in a perfect world.

Postscript: Someone affiliated with this highly dubious outfit sent me this report. It looks like bullshit to me but I’d welcome other opinions. The someone, zach.foster@lpnevada.org, has thus far not replied to this email.

“I just read through your report, and I find much of it wrong and troublingly unreliable. Nonetheless I agree Maduro must go and I will cite your report. Also, who funds your work?

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