Why Is Facebook Targeting Washington Babylon?


As we informed faithful readers several days ago, Facebook has penalized Washington Babylon this month owing to my personal behavior. Now the oligarchic firm is threatening to completely remove our account from the social network’s Business Page service owing to re-publication of this picture, which sailed by without any issue years ago and hence is clearly demonstrating a pretext:

A recent letter I sent to several elected officials in Rhode Island actually resulted in a response. We have been advised to contact the Rhode Island Attorney General’s Consumer Protection service to pursue a complaint regarding Facebook’s potential violation of commercial advertising laws and regulations.

But the larger question is why exactly would we have earned Facebook’s wrath?

As the Washington Babylon web account manager and tech troubleshooter, here’s my theory:

Over the years, Ken Silverstein has published a series of stories about three issues that are heretical within the matrix that we call the “Washington Consensus.”

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Looney Toons)
Image by DonkeyHotey-CC-BY-SA-2.0

First, while being critical of the policies of Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela, he covered beat-by-beat one of the Trump administration’s coup attempts and the particularly crazy antics of Senator Marco Rubio in said effort.

Second, he has written admiring though critical prose about Hezbollah Secretary General Seyyad Hassan Nasrallah and his party’s role across the Middle East, likening him to Che Guevara.

Third, he wrote an investigative report about Patrick Shanahan’s alleged history of domestic violence that sank his nomination as Trump’s Defense Secretary (even earning a mention by the New York Times in the process!)

Any of these stories in isolation or combination would understandably piss off people with substantial influence on how Facebook polices content. It’s a matter of public record that, in the name of “bipartisanship,” the social network has hired alumni of outlets like The Daily Caller as fact-checkers on posts that are accused of being “fake news,” a rather ludicrous notion considering that publication’s perfidious history.

It’s worth noting here that former President Donald Trump created a rather strange moment in American political history. From the day in June 2015 when he descended his gauche gold-plated escalator to run for office until January 2021, all sorts of strange political alliances were incubated due solely to his perch on the horizon. Social democratic Sandernistas and DSA-ers ended up cheer-leading for goons like Nancy Pelosi. Anti-imperial leftists and isolationist libertarians united around Trump’s détente with the Kremlin and North Korea, including at the 2020 ballot box.

Yet what remained steady throughout these years was the imperial agenda and its support by the two wings of our war party dictatorship. Washington Babylon went up against it and we’re seeing the consequences. Every time that we ran one of the aforementioned stories, notable post publication “glitches” occurred or Facebook raised “content warnings.”

This means we have had an impact. As such, our days on Facebook may be numbered, which would cut down seriously on our site traffic. None of this is unprecedented or novel. The shady Prop or Not website that premiered in November 2016, working in tandem with social media and web search engines like Google, gamed the waves that web surfers float on across cyberspace and significantly reduced traffic, readership, and revenues for the aggregate of sites that it deemed were “promoting Russian propaganda.” (Read: That had been critical of Hillary Clinton during her 2016 campaign, something we were gleefully guilty of.)

As such, we’ve got several requests.

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