Who is Worse, George Stephanapoulos or Baby George Papadopoulos?


As I always make clear, the reason I’m so well informed is that I don’t follow the news. I do, however, research and investigate what’s going on in the world with a little more due diligence, even if a bit slower, than the geniuses at CNN, MSNBC, Fox and the rest of the idiot industry.

So, after talking to many well informed people and reading a lot of things from across the political spectrum, I’m still confused about the gravity of the indictments issued earlier this week against Paul Manafort et al. From what I can gather, many people who want to see Trump impeached are quite excited about allegations made by special counsel Robert Mueller, the media’s Superman, against some poor slob named George Papadopoulos. (Wolf Blitzer, not surprisingly, doesn’t know the difference between a Baby George Papadopoulos and a former Clinton hack named George Stephanapoulos.)

In any event, Zero Hedge, which I trust about fifty to seventy-five percent of the time, above average in my estimation of most media outlets, has an interesting article casting doubt on the case against Baby George. Here’s an excerpt from the story, which was written by reformed Reaganite David Stockman, who is always interesting:

This is how the Deep State crushes disobedience by the unwashed American public. It indicts not only ham sandwiches but, apparently, political infants in diapers too, if that’s what it takes. Hence the sudden notoriety of Baby George Papadopoulos, who pled guilty to “lying” about an essentially immaterial date to the FBI. Oh, and by all signs and signals that plea came after this 30 year-old novice had been wearing a wire for several months…

Papadopoulos graduated from college only in 2009, got two more degrees by 2011 in London, functioned as a junior researcher at Hudson Institute for several years and then “worked” on Ben Carson’s presidential campaign for three months—- if you consider that an actual job…Baby George’s “crime” came about in the process of trying to put on his Big Boy Pants and get noticed by higher-ups in the campaign. So doing, he came into contact on about March 14 with a London professor who claimed to be plugged into Russian sources with “dirt” about Hillary.

Needless to say, the London professor, one Joseph Mifsud, who had formerly served in a high ranking government position in his native land of, well, Malta (as assistant to the Maltese foreign minister), didn’t know anybody in the Kremlin, either. That is, Mifsud was actually a no count talking to a another no count.

As it turned out, George never made any contact with any Russian state officials, didn’t have any meetings with clandestine Putin operatives and came up with no anti-Hillary dirt at all—-despite months of trying and sending loads of essentially unanswered emails up the chain of command at Trump Tower.

In fact, despite sending six emails volunteering his eagerness to set up a meeting between the Donald and Vlad Putin nothing happened. Even the government’s charging document admits these missives were based on Papadopoulos’ conversations with a “Russian National” who claimed to be Putin’s niece, but wasn’t; and someone who claimed to have contacts at Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), but also, apparently, didn’t.

Hardly convincing.

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