What's Wrong With Avocado Toast? Part II: Nothing, The Democratic Party Is The Problem


I just published a piece by Michael Brooks and David Slavick, with which I fundamentally disagree. I published it because they are both pals and brilliant, but their underlying premise is that the Democratic Party can be saved.

My view is that not only can it not be saved — it is a rancid institution beyond redemption or salvation — but hoping it can is a waste of time. Our only real hope is an independent movement outside the Democratic Party, that pushes it to the left while the movement establishes an independent identity and makes an enemies list of individuals — topped by the Clinton family — to be detained immediately upon our electoral (or other) triumph.

Also, my politics are not on the center-left, which is what Michael and David call for. I am on the Independent Libertarian Left, where most millennials lie, IMHO. I don’t want to save capitalism, I want to destroy it. Additionally climate change just fails to move me, though I guess that may put me out of step with millennials, scientists, adults and reality. So be it.

You’ll have to read Michael and David’s argument to get it’s full flavor, but let me also say that I generally like Bernie Sanders but he’s too old to lead the movement. Let him run for president, if he’s still alive, kicking and lucid, it will piss off the nearly indistinguishable Clinton/Obama clans as well as MSNBC and other pro-Democratic news outlets, but get real, the guy is ancient. He’ll die in office if he makes it that far and even if he lives, the country needs a political movement led by younger, darker and female leadership.

Anyway, I believe in freedom of speech, debate and disagreement and that’s why I published Michael and David’s story, but I just thought I’d put that out there.

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