What the Fuck is Going On? A Theory


OK, so James Comey has announced that the FBI will reopen the investigation related to Hillary Clinton. This has something to do with Anthony Weiner — the disgraced former congressman and sexual predator who we wrote about here, first revealing that he continued to sext women.

Hillary’s army of apologists say there’s nothing there, it’s a minor matter and will be explained away shortly. Of course, Hillary’s apologists always say there’s nothing there. Hillary could carve out a baby’s heart on CNN and they would blame Donald Trump and Fox News.

But think about it: Would the FBI director make this announcement, less than two weeks from the date of the election, if he didn’t have something earth-shattering? I doubt it, especially as back in July Comey announced, in what was obviously a political decision, that he would not indict Hillary. So why bring this up now — with Hillary on the verge of winning the presidency — unless he effectively has no choice?

Furthermore, Comey would have been set for life if Hillary was elected. Now he’s infuriated her and her supporters. Why would he do that if he thought she was going to be valuable to him down the road? Principles? Uh huh. It’s more likely he doesn’t think Hillary is going to be so valuable.

OK, now remember that the FBI and the New York Police Department have opened preliminary investigations into charges that Weiner send disgusting explicit text messages to an underage girl. And I can say for sure that there was more than one girl and Weiner’s cell phone contains evidence about other actions he took with minors that could result in criminal charges.

What this means is that Anthony Weiner is going to prison — unless he cuts a deal. What I suspect  is that Weiner is cooperating with investigators and — being a worm and a rat — is desperate to trade information that will save him from serving time. Recall that he and his soon-to-be former wife, Huma Abedin, are Clinton cronies from way back, so he would have information very damaging to Hillary Clinton.

Meanwhile, the feds have seized Huma Abedin’s computer as part of the Weiner investigation. Huma is 100 percent loyal to Hillary and would never sell her out but the FBI got her computer as part of the Weiner investigation and she had made a rookie mistake: she didn’t delete her emails. So that’s another source of highly damaging information to Hillary.

So we’ll see. Maybe the Clintonistas are right and there’s nothing significant here. If so, James Comey just made an utterly bizarre decision to seriously influence the 2016 election in Donald Trump’s favor. And that would really be insane.



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