The Top Ten Morons in Congress: We’re All Joe Manchin Democrats Now!

Another entry in our list of the Top 10 Ignoramuses in the 116th Congress...


Washington Babylon is rolling out nominees for our coveted Top Ten Morons in Congress competition once a week, in random order. Readers will select a winner after we finish presenting the full list of candidates. For Week 3, we’ve selected Democratic Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia. The first now candidates were Congressman Steve King and Oklahoma Senator James Inhofe.

Joe Manchin has held his office since 2010 and his legislative record makes him the most conservative Democrat in the senate. But that’s not what qualifies him for immortality as a Top Ten dimwit.

Manchin’s candidacy for Top Ten status rests on his dimwittedness his aiding and abetting the Democrats’ monumentally stupid stance of being the centrist party of bipartisan solution makers. Translation: LOSERS.

Here’s how it happened:

“We’re going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business,” Hillary Clinton said in March 2016 during a CNN Town Hall in Ohio. This notoriously stupid suck up to coal companies included another patented Hillary sizzler, namely her plans if elected president to “incentivize more jobs, more investment in poor communities, and put people to work.”

Unsurprisingly, Bernie Sanders went on to delightfully crush Hillary in West Virginia’s May 10 primary. Donald Trump won big on the GOP side and took the won the state in the general election with 68 percent of the vote to Hillary’s paltry 26 percent.

The Democratic Party’s nearly 100-year hold on politics in West Virginia began to slip in 2000 when Al Gore lost the state to George W. Bush. Barack Obama, aka President Bipartisan Loser, lost West Virginia to John McCain and Mitt Romney, respectively. Losing to two twerps like McCain and Romney is incredibly difficult and monumentally stupid, which suggest a Harvard Law School degree doesn’t necessarily make you smart.

How have Democrats managed to give away a state that for a century was reliably Blue? Because they have become the party of vague, unfulfilled promises and bland bromides. Naturally, Democrats want all coal miners to have jobs. There’s just one problem. They don’t propose anything that would accomplish that.

Meanwhile, Manchin was summoned to a meeting with President-elect Trump in November 2016 amid rumors he would be tapped to be the new energy secretary. Soon afterwards he appeared on MSNBC, where Micah Brzezinski noted that meeting with Trump was a “sensitive topic for some Democrats.”

“I don’t know why people get so upset,” Manchin replied. “I voted for Hillary Clinton and I got a lot of consternation in my state.” He said Clinton’s loss could be summed up in one word: Change. Voters in West Virginia thought Trump, not Hillary, could bring it to the state. Manchin also reminded MSNBC viewers that Clinton was toxic in his state due to previous remarks where she talked about ending coal mining. [Editor’s Note: All this suggests to me that Manchin is not nearly as dumb as he looks.]

Manchin became the ranking Democrat on the Senate Energy and National Resources Committee after winning re-election in 2018. Environmental groups registered concerns — especially in shrill fundraising appeals designed to bilk dollars from naive greens who believe those groups care more about protecting the environment than they do raising money — over Manchin’s position on the committee given that coal and energy companies have financed his entire political career.

That’s a legitimate concern. But the public should probably be even more concerned that Manchin and most of his fellow Democrats, especially in the House or Lords, are such a useless collection of flatulent deadbeats.

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