We Would Never Seek to Exploit a Scandal: BUT FRESH FILTH ON HARVEY WEINSTEIN


As reported here recently by Andrew Stewart, and unlike the New York Times we didn’t cover it up for decades and then pretend we had scooped the world, movie mogul Harvey Weinstein is a twisted perv who has a long track record of sexually harassing — and far worse — women. So here’s the deal, and this has never been reported.

I’ve heard from a very good source that a woman who worked closely with Weinstein in London a few decades ago — so his sexual predations go back to the Age of the Concorde, at minimum — talked about him in the most disgusting manner, and described him as “a sicko.” And with good reason.

Weinstein couldn’t get anywhere with this woman, who was powerful within the industry, so he never pulled some of his patented, trademark moves, i.e. sexual assault and alleged rapes, charges which could lead to as much as 25 years in prison¬†— but he did regularly masturbate in front of her. “He hit on every female who walked through the door,” my source told me. “He valued her work and so ultimately left her alone other than jacking off in her presence.”

The source added:

Just about everyone knew he was a pig and a pervert. One-third of London knew and two-thirds of Hollywood. There was at least one reporter at every major newspaper who knew, from the Los Angeles Times to the New York Times. Weinstein traveled on the Concorde and would have his assistant book two seats. He did the same in first class. No one went with him, but he’d have the extra seat in the event he could invite a pretty woman to join him.¬†

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