Hacking, Publishing Politically Unacceptable Content and Censorship Means We’re Losing Money: So Help Us Stay Afloat


Last Friday, the Washington Babylon website was hacked. Someone somehow somewhere got into the site and changed a bunch of our display settings for our site homepage while placing on the top of the page old stories from months ago. This week our Twitter account was hacked and was turned into a platform for the dissemination of porn content, which could be used as a preliminary step to justify our account(s) being suspended and/or terminated. The Twitter hack was in all likelihood by a bot, but considering that we are syndicating the work of Barrett Brown, the acclaimed investigative journalist whose own longtime battles with Twitter have led to his recent ban from the platform — you never know, especially as we’ve been temporarily blocked by Twitter and Facebook in the past.

This comes after we’ve been subjected to outright social media censorship for our coverage of the American attacks on Venezuela. Over the past several years we’ve run multiple stories that have tracked the Trump administration’s regime change effort in Venezuela and stood in solidarity with the people of Venezuela and the Bolivarian revolution (while also on occasion being critical of shortcomings with Nicholas Maduro’s leadership).

We’ve been forced to jump through all manner of flaming hoops in order to advertise on Facebook, up to and including invasive identity confirmation protocols that would have been unimaginable even 5 years ago.

Most recently we helped kill the selection of President Trump’s choice to head the Pentagon, Patrick Shanahan, something noted by the New York Times.

On Day 1 of operations, this website helped sink the career of the detestable Anthony Weiner, a corporate Democratic apparatchik for Wall Street whose wife, Huma Abedin, is an intimate advisor of then-candidate Hillary Clinton.

Back in March, we were writing about the potential of the Trump administration ordering a ground invasion of Venezuela, something Ken had an exclusive pulse on thanks to his sources.

I was covering the story about the Wyatt Detention Center in Central Falls, RI months before a prison security guard tried to run over protesters outside its gates last summer, the moment at which it was picked up in national headlines.

And because I was on the story for an extended period, I knew the real headlines that everyone else was missing were about the grassroots prison abolitionists in the AMOR Network, contra the mainstream who instead put all the emphasis upon a local chapter of the nationwide Never Again Action organization. My journalism in this case was gauged redirection of attention towards AMOR and I hope that it played an important role in this.

One need not be Holmes and Watson (nor even Tubbs and Crockett) to know that we’ve made a lot of enemies.

But breaking news doesn’t mean breaking bank.

We have been trying desperately to finance operations via all manner of fundraising, from creating a web store to trying crowdsourced investigative projects.

Regrettably, we have yet to get the big catch. We’re in a tight spot here because, unlike most muckraking outlets of progressive orientation, we’re a for-profit business, meaning our fans and patrons don’t get a tax write-off for sending some love our way. This comes as a cost of offering content that makes no bones regarding endorsement of candidates and policy issues in a fashion that is contrary to the mandates of IRS nonprofit laws.

The overhead for a blog is certainly far less steep than running a print media publication but the costs for investigative reporting remain the same.

So please, be as generous as possible. We’re giving you all this content for free and truly need your help to stay afloat.

We are enemies of the state!

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