Washington Babylon's Launch a Global Success


So there are a lot of exciting developments here at Washington Babylon. We launched yesterday and Sydney Leather’s delightful dismantling of Anthony Weiner was picked up by the New York Post (on the front page and Page Six), the Daily Mail, and the Drudge Report. Not bad for Washington’s new and only political and gossip tabloid.

There were so many great parts to Sydney’s story, but I think my favorite was when she writes, “By this point, the entire campaign knew it was over, other than Weiner himself. He actually wonders out loud if he had more time, would he rebound? The answer is “No, jackass. Voters like you about as much as your wife does.” The fact that she compared Weiner’s final days on the campaign trail to Hitler’s last hours in his bunker made it all the better.

So I’ll be posting here periodically between now and Labor Day, when the site will really get going. And in the meanwhile a number of great writers are working on stories, including the inimitable Cyrus James, who will be debuting shortly.


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