Vladimir Putin, Global Mastermind: That's actually true, but there is so much bullshit in the U.S. media


On and on it goes. Vlad Putin is running Donald Trump as a Russian intelligence asset, hacking our elections — “undermining our democracy,” hafuckingha — plundering our natural resources, meddling into French and other foreign affairs and elections (I forget which other countries at the moment), hacked into a Vermont utility, blah blah blah. It’s all pretty much bullshit and Fake News.

Putin is a bad guy — Russia and the U.S. are far and away the two most dysfunctional “advanced” Western economies and “democracies” — and runs a corrupt, authoritarian state that fucks around in other countries’ elections, just like the U.S. does. Only the U.S. is far more aggressive and meddles, regime changes, bombs and invades with far greater frequency than poor Russia and Vlad.

The real story is that Putin is very, very smart and an accomplished intelligence professional who is making U.S. policymakers look like the fools they are. But even more. Putin ran circles around George W. Bush and Barack Obama, and he’s doing the same with Donald Trump, as I’ve written about before.

I was talking to a former American intelligence officer recently and he said, in his own inimitable fashion:

The truth is that the Russians are outmaneuvering the United States government across the globe. They have been for about 12 years. One must know one’s adversary. The Russians have a first string varsity Intel and leadership team. We have the Special Olympics team and ride everywhere on the short bus.

(He added that much of the debacle in Iraq and Afghanistan rests at the feet of the hideously stupid Brett McGurk (@brett_mcgurk), who has a long track record¬†of fucking things up around the world. I’ll be writing about that by next week and if I forget someone please remind me, I’m sort of jammed up at the moment.)

OK, I have to run, take care and I’ll be back here soon.

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