Turns Out Kamala Harris Isn’t Chill :( — Via Shelby Fero


Well, we usually take weekends off here at Washington Babylon but Petunia‘s vice presidential running mate, the great Bella Robinson, brought my attention to this great article in MerryJane.com by Shelby Fero.

Here’s a lightly edited excerpt:

It’d be really fucking cool to have a mixed race black woman as president in 2020. But the reason it’d be cool to have, say, a mixed race black woman as president, is because their political platform would hopefully more closely reflect the needs and interests of people whose experiences have been ignored for so long. And Harris claims this has been her mission.

But when you take a closer look at this “progressive prosecutor,” you start to realize how oxymoronic of a title that is. The job of a prosecutor is to represent the state when it brings a case against someone. That means that they need to have a close relationship with the police and the justice departments.

This is clearly a tense subject — many people argue there’s no just way to interact with the carceral state as it stands and still consider yourself ‘progressive.’ Others have more lenient views concerning the role of a prosecutor.

Either way, Kamala Harris does not have the glowingly progressive track record she posits. For instance…

Read it all here.

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