Truth Will Prevail: Lula, Justice and the Brazilian Coup


That’s my man right here. Love this guy. He’s the most popular politician on earth. It’s because of his good looks.” — Barack Obama, in a characteristically unfunny and self-revealing remark, about Lula.

I met Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva in the early-1990s, when he was a union activist and political opposition leader. A few years later I co-authored a book about him and the Workers’ Party (PT) with Emir Sader, which was published by Colin Robinson, then at Verso.

So I am pleased to announce that Colin, now at O/R Books with the illustrious John Oakes, have published a book by President Lula, It’s called “Truth Will Prevail: Why I Was Condemned.”

I still call Lula president because he was condemned by a Brazilian kangaroo Supreme Court justice and forced from office and then his equally heroic elected successor, Dilma Rousseff, was overthrown in a coup that the U.S. media routinely describes as her legal impeachment. You can read about this shit show here and listen to a podcast interview I did with a Brazilian friend, the amazing Aline Piva, here.

Actually, here’s the link to Aline’s interview, but click on that last link too. Actually, it looks like that podcast is not available because we haven’t paid our bills for awhile and need contributions from readers. If you’d like to help out and get Aline back on the Worldwide Web, click here.


Anyway, President Dilma’s impeachment led inexorably to the “election” of a murderous right-wing fascist — since Lula, who polls showed would have won easily, was barred from running — named Jair Bolsonaro. The kangaroo court “Justice” who led a witch hunt that drove Lula from office was named Sérgio Moro. Right after he was “elected” the blood-soaked Bolsonaro named Moro his regime’s justice minister. You actually can’t make this shit up.

All I want to add for now is that everyone should buy Lula’s book as soon as it comes out on February 25th and I’ll be writing more about it closer to its publication date, when I’ll also provide ordering information from O/R Books.

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