Trump Hits “Stormy” Weather


In the latest twist yet of a bizarre presidency still less than one year old, the Wall Street Journal reported Friday that Donald Trump’s personal attorney, Michael Cohen, allegedly paid $130,000 to porn star Stormy Daniels in October 2016 to keep her from discussing a decade-old sexual affair. “Ms. Clifford has appeared in about 150 adult films, and was considered among the industry’s biggest stars when the then-27-year-old met Mr. Trump at the American Century Championship in 2006, held at Edgewood Tahoe golf course in Nevada,” the Journal reported.

The story of Trumpy and Stormy, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, has so many sidebars it’s hard to say which is funniest. First, there’s Cohen, who just last year called himself Trump’s “fix-it guy.” He has denied claims by former Brit spy Christopher Steele, contained in the now infamous BuzzFeed dossier, that his boss engaged in golden showers with Russian prostitutes and says the website’s “muckraking statements”  have harmed his reputation.

Obviously, Cohen’s “family man” claims are now limp, as Cohen has clearly shot his wad with Stormy Payday, if the Journal‘s story is accurate. It should be noted that Ms. Clifford has denied the Journal‘s story and said if she had had an affair with Trump, she’d have written a book by now.

Next up is Jeb Bush, Hillary Clinton, the Democratic National Committee and anybody else who actually or allegedly paid Steely Dan from MI-6 for his Golden Showers dossier. Obviously, they could have saved time and money by shopping at home and cutting a bigger check to Steph than Cohen reportedly did.

And, that’s not all. DDaniels is from Louisiana, home of Republican paragon of virtue David Vitter. Surely, the WSJ, or BuzzFeed, or somebody, should be inquiring by now about Golden Triangles given that Stormy pondered a run against Vitter for the U.S. Senate in 2010.  “When Daniels was contemplating her candidacy, she was arrested for domestic violence in Florida, and her campaign aide’s vehicle was fire-bombed outside of his apartment in New Orleans,” according to this story.  “’It’s something out of The Sopranos,’ University of New Orleans professor Ed Chervenak said at the time.”

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