Trump Campaign CEO Produced Palin Hagiopic: Critics agree, one of worst films in all history



What is it about conservatives and Hollywood? They moan and whine that TinselTown bigwigs are mostly blithering, blathering bleeding hearts — which is generally true; see for example, the wonderful movie Team America — but a lot of them long to be hot shot producers and directors too.

I recently wrote here about the short, less than illustrious producing career of Trump’s recently resigned top campaign advisor, Paul Manfort. Now I’ve learned, from an alert Washington Babylon reader whose name I don’t know, that Trump campaign CEO Steve Bannon is not only off his rocker but he also produced what may be the worst movie in history: The Undefeated, which was released to scorn and derision in 2011 and which chronicles “the rise from obscurity of one of America’s new generation of leaders,” Sarah Palin.

“The Undefeated” is one of only 371 films in American history to receive a rating of zero on Rotten Tomatoes. Do you have any idea how rare that is? Do you know how many movies have been made in American history? Me neither, but I’m confident it’s a whole lot more than 371, which makes “The Undefeated” a statistical anomaly and total loser of a movie.

“In one stump speech shown near the end of The Undefeated, Palin exclaims brightly, ‘There’s nothing wrong in America a good ol’-fashioned election can’t fix’!”, wrote Anna Marlan of the Village Voice, as noted at the Rotten Tomatoes website. “That’s about as honest as this piece of propaganda.”

Another reviewer was less restrained. He called the film “Triumph of the Shrill,” in a reference, for you youngsters who may not recall this, to Hitler’s propagandist Leni Riefenstahl, who during the Nazi years directed “Triumph of the Will” and “Olympia.”

Anyway, also take a look at that list above of 371 zero-rated movies. “The Undefeated” admittedly has some stiff competition. For example, and h/t here to reader Matt Snow, there’s “Ed,” which tells the heartwarming saga of a chimpanzee who plays baseball with Matt LeBlanc, a star of the godawful TV series “Friends” along with fellow dipstick and repeat rehabber Matthew Perry.

In any case, hats off to Bannon. He’s running one of the worst campaigns in presidential history — you know it’s awful when it looks like you’re gonna lose to Hillary Clinton, the candidate so bad she’s spending $2 billion on TV ads in her desperate bid to be president — and he’s produced one of the worst films in history about one of the worst vice presidential campaigns in history.

That is a rare trifecta indeed and merits a 5-Star rating for Bannon.

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