Trump 2020: Why I Oppose Impeachment


So I broke the big political story of the day about President Donald Trump’s deep ties to a wide range of alleged Russian mafiosos, financial and real estate grifters and narcos. You can read about it here and here, the latter being a report by Global Witness for which I was the lead investigator.

It’s a devastating story, if I don’t say so myself, and shows how Trump and this seamy cast of characters profited together in a major Trump project in Panama, which allowed monylaundering by criminals to run amok. But let me explain why I still think the RussiaGate investigation (and related media coverage) is largely delusional, and why I, until now, think that calls for impeachment of Trump or forcing him out early are reckless and nuts.

What I found, and others have reported similarly troubling stories, is truly sordid. But, and I’m no lawyer, I don’t know if anything I discovered amounts to an impeachable offense. Even if it does, good luck proving it.

The same goes for other stories I’ve seen so far, as well as what I know of Robert Mueller’s investigation. The over-rated Mueller clearly is out to get Trump, fairly or unfairly. I believe he’s trying to set up Trump for a perjury charge — which would be easy, the guy is a pathological liar who can’t remember what he said from one hour to the next — which in my view would be a pity.

Anyway, if it is shown that Trump committed an impeachable offense, good riddance. Until then, the only legitimate way to remove him is in an election. (Otherwise we get Mike Pence and Paul Ryan. Good luck with that.)

Sadly, the brain dead Democratic Party nominated the godawful and corrupt Hillary Clinton to run against him last year. Currently it has no program other than insane anti-Trumpism and conspiracy theories about Russia, so these idiots could well manage to blow a 2020 election against the godawful, corrupt Trump.

Also, a brief note on George Soros: He’s a funder of Global Witness, so, at least indirectly, I benefited from his largesse. Don’t bother letting me know. I have criticized him many time over the years and will continue to do so, even if he gives me $1 million for

He’s still an oligarch with undue influence as far as I’m concerned, and he’s not buying any positive coverage from me.

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