Triple O

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A Poem

by T. F. O’Connley

It was where the dregs of the cream and the cream of the dregs met.
Girls with their tits spilling out of her low-cut blouse.
Young fairies playing off Catholic school dilemmas.
Old men, waiting for the big day that will never come.
The sisters from the convent next door who sometimes needed a bit of cash.

That was thirty years back.
Since then its been abandoned.
A dirty bar,
The scene of a semi-famous fight and a inspiration for a pub in a good movie;
A Japanese steakhouse.
Now something else.

That’s gentrification.
The new land use makes a new environment.
The environment makes new people.
The new people make new problems.
Whitey Bulger’s lucky to be dead.

There’s plenty of ways for neighborhoods to die.
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