Trial Date Set for “Flakka Face-Eater”


The young American cannibal Austin Harrouff, 22, will go on trial for murder on November 4, reports WPTV in Palm Beach, Florida.

Harrouff, as you will recall, was arrested in August 2016 when he was discovered biting off the face of 59-year-old John Stevens III, after allegedly having killed him.

Harrouff was removing the victim’s flesh with his teeth, according to police. It took several officers, a police dog and a stun gun to pry the determined cannibal from the body. Stevens’ wife, 53-year-old Michelle Mishcon, was found dead in the couple’s garage. 

Harrouff also purportedly attacked a neighbor who managed to call 911 before being airlifted to the hospital where he underwent emergency surgery for serious carnivorous injuries.

This wasn’t the first time that Florida police have been called to a face-eating scene. In 2012, Miami resident Rudy Eugene became known as the “Causeway Cannibal” after he was arrested for orally removing most of the flesh from the face of a homeless man who survived the attack. 

Authorities initially said the Causeway Cannibal was tripping on bath salts at the time, but drug tests revealed him to be clean and sober.

Similarly, when Harrouff was arrested, Martin County Sheriff William Snyder blamed it on drugs: “When we see a case like this, when someone is biting off pieces of somebody’s face, could it be flakka, the answer is it absolutely could be a flakka case,” he said while torturing his grammar.

Flakka, technically known as Alpha PVP, is described by the National Institute on Drug Abuse as “chemically similar to other synthetic cathinone drugs popularly called ‘bath salts'” which can cause “hyperstimulation, paranoia, and hallucinations that can lead to violent aggression and self-injury.” 

But it turns out that Harrouff wasn’t on flakka after all, according to toxicology reports obtained by People magazine. 

Dr. Phillip Resnick, a forensic psychologist who has examined Timothy McVeigh among other notables, concluded that Harrouff believed he was“half-dog, half-man” at the time of the brutal attack.

Harrouff was also examined by Dr. Phil, whose laptop interview will be admitted as evidence in the upcoming trial. Whether or not the jury will watch other episodes of the Dr. Phil Show is not known at this time.

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