Tom Brady: Freak show Trump-lovin' shit head exposed


I’m busy today so I don’t have time to even read this whole article about washed up vegan freak Tom Brady, but an alert reader, knowing of my interest in the topic, sent it my way and so I feel compelled to mention it briefly.

Actually, let me just quote from it liberally as I have to get going on Buzzfeed‘s application to the Hack List 2017 Hall of Fame:

Brady’s attempt to pass on his performance secrets in his book, The TB12 Method: How to Achieve a Lifetime of Sustained Peak Performance, falls flat and contains all sorts of dubious claims. The overall message of the book should be commended — the importance of nutrition, rest, mental exercise and injury prevention — but the roadmap to get there isn’t, to say the least, universally endorsed. Bomani Jones, in a recent episode of his ESPN Radio show The Right Time, called it a “multilevel marketing scheme, without the multilevels.”

Let’s take a closer look at some of Brady’s claims in The TB12 Method.

1) What Brady says: “These days, even if I get an adequate amount of sun, I won’t get a sunburn, which I credit to the amount of water I drink.”

What the doctor says: Though Brady refrains from giving specific advice about sun exposure, the passage suggests that hydration is a replacement for sun protection. Dr Sarah Arron, a dermatologist and leader of UCSF’s high risk skin cancer program, believes that the young Brady could very well have experienced more sunburns than the 40-year old Brady, but not for the reason he contends.

“Young children – like the young, fair-skinned Tom Brady mentioned in the book –are more sensitive to the sun but after years of exposure the skin can harden or become more resistant to sunburn,” says Arron. “But it’s a fallacy to believe that if you don’t get sunburn you aren’t damaging the DNA in the skin.” The UV light responsible for burns (UVB) isn’t the same as the one that can lead to skin damage and cancer (UVA), making sunburn a poor indicator for long-term harm.

Arron stresses that a resistance to sunburn has nothing to do with how much water you drink, rather the skin hardening that can come with age and repeated sun exposure. Her assertion is that everyone, especially young athletes that frequently practice and play in the sun, should protect their skin against too much sun exposure.

What the scientist says: “What you eat doesn’t affect blood pH,” says Stacy Sims, an exercise physiologist and nutrition scientist. “But the foods he promotes to eat on an more alkaline diet are beneficial to overall health because they are primarily veggies, fruits, and low processed foods.” Sims explains that while the body’s pH can drop – a condition termed metabolic acidosis that’s brought on by illness or breathing difficulty – it can’t be corrected by nutrition.

3) What Brady says: “I also want to make sure my body remains in a state of recovery even at night. I do this by wearing bioceramic-infused functional apparel and sleepwear. The advantages? It increases energy, promotes recovery, and improves performance. If my opponents aren’t wearing what I wear, I’m getting the edge on them even when I’m sleeping.”

What the scientist says: While seemingly an encouragement to go out and invest $200 on the Under Armour/TB12 pajamas, there is some evidence, albeit inconclusive about bioceramic infused sleepwear and performance, that the technology might have a positive effect. Bioceramics, a compound that can absorb the body’s heat and reflect back something called far infrared energy, have been shown to have therapeutic effects on aspects of health. The 2012 Harvard led review study cited as evidence by Under Armour concludes: “If it can be proved that … FIR (far infrared energy) has real and significant biological effects, then the possible future applications are wide ranging.”

Click here to read it all.

And also make sure to see this, “Bomani Jones On Tom Brady’s Bizarre Training Schemes: “This Just Reeks Of ‘Con’.”



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