Thus Spoke Huttathustra


Steve Bannon (the Hutt) is one of the most fascinating creatures to walk the face of the earth. A shameless white nationalist, he describes his philosophy of politics as a kind of Leninism (!) and indicated in his recent interview with Charlie Rose on 60 Minutes that his goal is nothing less than an absolute civil war within the Republican Party.

In this extended interview, he lets a few very interesting cats out of the bag. The most notable is how intimately connected he is with Robert Mercer, the hard-right wing bizarro hedge fund manager profiled in this creepy web doc produced by the Real News who came in at the the last minute and salvaged a collapsing Trump campaign during the Republican National Convention. Even if he fancies himself a Bolshevik, Lenin certainly was no blabbermouth like Bannon, who exposes in nearly every sentence how closely linked he has always been with Wall Street.

Ultimately Bannon is equivalent to Jabba the Hutt for two reasons. First, obviously, his ghastly visage and matching gargantuan gut, which I would imagine derives from decades of consuming fried foods and maybe a few babies here or there. But second, and more importantly, though he carries on as if he were some independent agent in his own right, in reality he is merely a cheap thug acting on the behalf of the more horrific elements within the empire. His pretensions of realpolitik make Henry Kissinger look like Alexander the Great while the pomposity of his demeanor is only matched by the childish nature of his political economy. As a bag man for the 1% who carries on as if he were the complete opposite, he truly is a case study in political charlatanism.

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