This week in Nazis! Ukraine's alt right


The political freak-show disaster known as the Ukraine is a constant reminder of just how full of baloney the Democrats are when it comes to discussing the threat posed by fascism, racism, and religious extremism. While any person with a functional brain stem would obviously be mortified by the collection of deplorables that have lined up behind the country’s first game show host president, the Democrats have no space to talk here about anything related to Nazism because they are in fact financing one such regime in an ongoing game of geopolitical chicken with Vladimir Putin.

For those of you who are just tuning in, the record is extremely clear. In 2014, the West (read: the U.S. and European Union) financed an outright coup against the government of the Ukraine, which itself was friendly with Moscow. Obviously, Putin has numerous problems and I can understand the logic of someone who is jumping up and down right now highlighting those numerous flaws.

But there is something profoundly wrong when America’s friends in Kiev wheeled in far-right nationalists who idolize Stepan Bandera to try to piece together a viable political coalition to govern the country. “Bandera was indeed as noxious as any personality thrown up by the hellish 1930s and ’40s,” writes Daniel Lazare. “The son of a nationalist-minded Greek Catholic priest, Bandera was the sort of self-punishing fanatic who sticks pins under his fingernails to prepare himself for torture at the hands of his enemies.” He had an on again-off again romance with the Third Reich, killed as many Jews and Poles as he could, and made no bones about his admiration for European fascism as a system of government.

Ukrainian nationalists are not the majority party within government but while public displays of affection for fascism are explicitly banned by civil law in the rest of Europe, President Petro Poroshenko signed a law in 2015 making it a crime to “publicly exhibit a disrespectful attitude toward[s]” the nationalist parties, Lazare notes. Poroshenko went as far as appointing a neo-Nazi as Secretary of the National Security and National Defense Committee, a key cabinet position with oversight of the police and armed forces.

Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland getting in on a neo-Nazi bromance!

And so of course who was over in Ukraine this week yucking it up with Poroshenko while a band of Bandera banditos were preparing to mark his New Years Day birthday? None other than Lindsey Graham and John McCain.

You don’t have to like Putin to see the extreme bonkerism of the current 24/7 Russia panic, as U.S. senators stand for “freedom” with Ukrainian loony tunes. What next? Will McCain denounce Putin as a homophobe during a speech at the Ronald Reagan Library? Or will Graham lecture him about nuclear deterrence in front of the Enola Gay?

At this point, anything’s possible.

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