These Sex Scandals Are Pushing The Country Further To The Right


It’s unfortunate that before going further I must emphasize that I abhor misogyny, along with violence against women and girls, though I do find the cultural zeitgeist adjustment brought on by the Harvey Weinstein sexual malfeasance disclosures pretty refreshing. I’ll also note that there’s a mild dose of racism in Time putting a multiplicity of predominantly white women on the cover for its Person of the Year, rather than the actual creator of the meme, Tarana Burke, and that leads to a larger discussion.

But let’s be honest that something is changing in the air. Men being pigs is now becoming as taboo as child abuse, and a few years ago that wasn’t the case.

Tarana Burker created the #MeToo meme.

But with all that said, let’s carefully consider the very basic observation that the only two politicians on the national level who are going down for their malfeasance are from very progressive constituencies. Al Franken hails from a state that was a bastion of the Farmer-Labor Party until World War II. John Conyers has been submitting a single payer Medicare for All bill to the House annually since 2003.

I’m not saying this in any way excuses their bad behavior, which would be foolish. Yet in terms of base and superstructure, the reality is that these men’s constituents are very liberal-progressive and expect certain things of their elected officials when they pull the lever.

Meanwhile at Times Square:

It’s pretty obvious what’s going on here.

Here’s another simple observation. In 1997-1998, Bill Clinton was on the ropes.

He had pissed away the post-Cold War peace dividend in Iraq and the Balkans. The fiasco of Hillary Care scuttled the single payer movement for a generation. Welfare had been abolished, the Crime Omnibus and Telecom Bills were assaults on human decency, and he was effectively running the country in tandem with Newt Gingrich. Then in 1998 an intern comes along who suddenly has every sane adult sticking up for a man whose actions were indefensible.

Fast forward to today. The current sex scandals are again being used to push us further to the right politically, regardless of the allegations behind them, which are quite disgusting. That’s because the political establishment is cynically and intentionally utilizing these developments for its own twisted ends.

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