The Trump #Resistance Grift Industry Lives On: Scott Dworkin, Exhibit A

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He’s a “proud member” of the #Resistance Grift Club, the self-professed Russiagate uncover-er, and a Super PAC sleazoid. According to some online hype, he’s also “an avid songwriter, pianist, and guitarist who loves to jam in public spaces across the country.”

What’s not to hate about Scott Dworkin?

As a grifter, the Dwork’s claim to fame commenced when he served as fundraiser for Draft Biden 2016. When that went nowhere fast, he co-founded the dworky-sounding Keep America Great Super PAC, with the stated goal of “making sure that Donald Trump never became President.”

That spectacular failure was probably due to the fact that Keep America Great did almost nothing to make sure Donald Trump never became President.

It raised only about 1 percent of its stated fundraising goal. No wonder the Dwork’s twitter handle is @funder! What little money it did raise went to where scam-PAC money always goes: “Practically the only thing @funder funded with his Super PAC was businesses he and his associates had ties to,” noted Tim Murphy in Mother Jones.

One month after Trump and Putin allegedly stole the election from Hillary, Keep America Great was rebranded as the Democratic Coalition, just in time to join the newly-emerging #Resistance. As the Dwork explained to FRANCE 24, the Democratic Coalition resisted Trump by doing such things as fighting “trending hashtags with other hashtags.” Indeed, it “trended more hashtags than any other organization in the country,” he wrote at Medium. Before long, his pouting rictus — even worse, maybe, than Fox News shitbag Tucker Carlson’s — became a familiar sight on MSNBC and other channels of #Resistance propaganda.

Just doin’ the Dork-in Grift. Fair Use.

Prior to becoming America’s most awesome hashtag activist, the Dwork spent years grooming himself to be a blowboy for the Democratic Party establishment. Groupie, sycophant, flatterer, brown-noser — whatever you want to call him, he was pure grease.

Just ask Barack Obama.

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The Dwork’s self-hype always tells about the time he was a Deputy Director for the 2009 Presidential Inaugural Committee and “had the honor of bodying President Obama after his first dance with the First Lady.” In a tweet on the same theme, he asked: “Who do u trust more — the guy bodying Obama in 2009 (me) or Jill Stein who is friends with Putin?”

The term “bodying” was new to me, so I was forced to look it up. According to, it means “having hardcore sexual intercourse all night.”

Then there’s the time he swapped slime with Rudy Giuliani…

Fair Use

Although Hair Furor has been dispatched, at least temporarily, to Mar-a-Lago, the #Resistance Grift Club is still at it. Members in good standing line their pockets with their hashtagged cash while pretending to be a political movement. Luckily for them, there’s a sucker born every minute.

As for the Democratic Coalition, “it now exists to advance President Biden’s agenda and elect more Democrats—while still holding Trump and his GOP allies accountable—through aggressive digital and traditional advertising, grassroots action, in-depth opposition research, and a nationwide rapid-response team.”

Great. Considering that Biden became president only after the Dwork stopped trying to Draft him, maybe the best thing he can do for Biden’s agenda would be to stop trying to help.

And instead of dworking-over gullible liberals with fundraising appeals, maybe he could focus on raising money by running marathons. After all, that’s how he does it for the St. Jude Children’s Hospital. Hard to believe, I will grant you that.

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