The Most Super Lazy Lazy Friday Playlist Ever: Lucero and Old Crow Medicine Show


I’m taking a break Friday at a spa in the Black Sea, or thereabouts, and won’t be returning until the end of April. So I’m just throwing together a list of 10 songs by two of my favorite bands of all time: Lucero and Old Crow Medicine Show.

Because I’ll be air born Friday at this hour, I’m publishing this a couple of days early. If anyone from wants to publish a new list on Friday, take it away!

I’ve seen Lucero four times — they were all great shows, but my favorite was at Ottobar in Baltimore — and am seeing them again later this month in Nashville. That’s where I saw Old Crow last New Year’s Eve, at Ryman Auditorium. To say that was a memorable night would be understating the case, though oddly I have little recollection of that evening.

Anyway, here you go. Enjoy. Don’t get too high while listening.

1/ Lucero: Tears Don’t Matter Much.

2/ Old Crow Medicine Show: Methamphetamine

3/ Lucero: To My Dearest Wife

4/ Old Crow Medicine Show: Wagon Wheel

5/ Lucero: My Best Girl

6/ Old Crow Medicine Show: Dearly Departed Friend

7/ Lucero’s Ben Nichols: Shelter

8/ Old Crow Medicine Show: I Hear Them All

9/ Lucero: Drink ‘Till We’re Gone

10 Old Crow Medicine Show: This Train

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