The Honorable Dumbass Duncan Hunter: Stupid and Corrupt, a Delightful Combination


Most members of congress are corrupt. Quite a few are stupid. Duncan Hunter, the California Republican now awaiting trial — on charges of “improperly using campaign funds to pursue numerous romantic affairs with congressional aides and lobbyists” — is both. That is terrible news for the country but great news for me personally, because I can always make a little cash writing about alleged congressional cretins like Hunter.

“The Justice Department alleged that Hunter (R-Calif.) and his wife Margaret Hunter illegally diverted $250,000 in campaign funds for personal use, including to fund lavish vacations and their children’s school tuition,” Politico just recently reported. Hunter’s wife has already pleaded guilty and agreed to cooperate with prosecutors. 

The Honorable Dumbass Hunter (“HDH,” henceforth) told Politico, “You have criminally political prosecutors in this case on a personal smear campaign. This is the most political case in the world.”

Hmmm. We’ve got more information than has previously been noted in this delightful, sordid affair, HDH, and it doesn’t look good for you.

First off, HDH, just for the record, there is an organization for federal lobbyists and it has a Code of Ethics. This provision of the Code would seem to apply to a case of a congressman having sex with lobbyists.

9.1. A lobbyist should not act in any manner that will undermine public confidence and trust in the democratic governmental process.

Secondly, HDH, you should seriously check out this full twitter thread.

Thirdly, HDH, in January, 2010, you reportedly flew to Reno, Nevada, ostensibly to attend a convention for a nonprofit group called Safari Club International. After a brief stop at the convention, you and the lobbyist headed for a ski resort near Lake Tahoe, where you and your gal pal shacked up for a fun-filled weekend on the slopes and ordering room service, according to the prosecution’s filing. They say you used campaign funds to rent the car, pay the hotel tab and fly back to Washington.

Lastly, HDH, Safari Club International held its annual convention in Reno, Nevada between January 20 and 23, 2010.

The Safari Club International PAC gave a $2,000 contribution to you on January 22, 2010, which they mistakenly (?) reported as going to your father’s campaign committee. Your father’s campaign committee closed in 2008, so it’s hard to understand such a mistake.

What it looks like, HDH, with all due respect, is that your brief stop at the Safari Club International convention was to pick up a $2,000 PAC check to cover the costs of your weekend tryst with a lobbyist.

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