The Downside of Jeffrey Epstein’s Suicide: “I was looking to the Epstein case with a lot of hope. Hope for a fair outcome, hope the victims would finally get justice.”

"If the Clintons kill people and they left me off their list, that's rude."


I’ve got a lot of heavy feelings to unpack regarding Jeffrey Epstein’s death. First and foremost, I’m a victim of childhood sexual abuse. It’s taken many, many years of therapy for me to get the point where I’m comfortable sharing that.

When you’re violated as a child, it changes you as a person. Having PTSD is like if a haunted house was a person but the person is you. This is one of the things I’m haunted by. I didn’t get justice in my case, so I was looking to the Epstein case with a lot of hope. Hope for a fair outcome, hope the victims would finally get justice.

It’s understandable to want to know what happened, but leaping for the first possible conspiracy theory regarding his death is not super helpful. I’ve had to scroll through endless “THE CLINTONS DID IT” tweets today.

Flight logs show Bill Clinton rode Lolita Express. Do not show he killed Epstein.

If the Clintons murder people and they left me off their kill list, that’s just rude. I’m sure I’m on their official Enemies List given my part in the 2016 election. How dare I get the FBI involved when Carlos Danger, the husband of the Vice Chair of Hillary’s campaign, Huma Abedin, was found to be sexting a 15 year old! Maybe these are delusions of grandeur, but I feel that I’m important enough to be targeted for execution by Bill and Hillary. 

Former New York Rep. Carlos Danger.

In all seriousness, it’s important to get to the bottom of what actually happened in the Epstein case. Obviously we should figure out whether or not his death was truly a suicide and we need to continue putting the pieces together so we can, hopefully, prosecute whoever else was involved.

But there’s a way to do that without peddling insane conspiracy theories. Focus on the victims. They’re the ones that matter here. Focus on finding a way to prosecute Ghislaine Maxwell, one of Epstein’s alleged chief pimps and the daughter of the repellent (and pleasantly dead) media magnate and fraudster Robert Maxwell. Focus on finding justice.

The way forward is not to immediately scream “THE CLINTONS KILLED HIM.” I’m not a fan of Bill or Hillary, but focusing on conspiracy theories vs. facts is a disservice to the victims. If something comes out that shows the Clintons or some other powerful person was involved in Epstein’s death, by all means, pursue that line of inquiry. But don’t immediately jump to that conclusion, for which there is at the moment, no serious grounds to believe. Victims aren’t just victims, we’re survivors, and we deserve justice and sane discussion regarding our truth.

As a survivor, I personally would like to see every man on the flight logs of the “Lolita Express” — what Epstein’s private jet became labelled after his pedophilia was exposed — hanged, drawn and quartered, including Bill Clinton. But if I can’t have that, maybe you all chill on the conspiracy theories for a moment while adults collect the facts of the case. And take a moment to think about the victims and hope they are able to recover from what this evil man, and his many wealthy friends, did to them.

[Editor’s note: Donald Trump’s name does not appear on the Lolita Express flight logs and he did not have nearly as close a relationship to Epstein as Bill Clinton, though there are notable ties that he has denied. And I can’t state this authoritatively, but I am guessing Sydney wouldn’t mind seeing Trump, hanged, drawn and quartered as well.

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