The Double Scapegoating of Ilhan Omar


Nazis scapegoat Jews
This isn’t news.
And neither is this:
Scapegoats’ deaths
Protect the rich,
And help the status quo —
The order wreaking reeking
Rotten poverty for most,
And chopping to pieces,
And cooking, the globe —
Or didn’t you know?
The rich are protected
when rage is deflected
Away from their investments
Onto synagogues and mosques,
And up and down the borders
Of these haphazard/national orders.
When scapegoats, however,
are scapegoated twice —
When people find scapegoats
for racists’ crimes —
Both racist and rich are protected
By this
the rich and the racists, the dupes
of the rich, as well
These two fecal balls
Which comprise the two eyes
of the plundering cannibal Capital

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