The Chalupa Supreme: Meet Alexandra Chalupa, Yet Another Democratic Party Grifter and Fabulist


I’ve posted two stories over the past week focusing on #Resistance grifters and Scam PAC operators Adam Parkhomenko and Michael Avenatti. You can read the first here and the second here.

It’s been gratifying to hear that a number of prominent Democratic Party political consultants — who are more honest or at least more self-aware than Parkhomenko and notice that what they are doing is morally indefensible (*) — have read the stories and are literally laughing at him. Parkhomenko, I should note, failed to reply to requests for comment I sent him. His only response has been to block me on Twitter.

Speaking of morally indefensible, let’s shift the focus away from Parkhomenko and shine a light on yet another Democratic Party grifter, Alexandra Chalupa. I know, you haven’t heard of her either — I only did after she rushed to Parkhomenko’s defense after I published story No. 1 about him — so let me introduce her to you.

The Chalupa Supreme. Image from Taco Bell website. Fair Use.

Oops. That’s the Chalupa Supreme, a popular item at Taco Bell, not Alexandra Chalupa. Here you go.

Alexandra Chalupa. Image from Twitter profile. Fair Use.

I probably got mixed up because her Twitter handle is @AlexandraChalup. I guess she can’t change her name but she can change her handle in a feeble effort to keep people from thinking of a Taco Bell item every single, godawful time they come across her on Twitter.

The Chalupa Supreme. Image from Taco Bell website. Fair Use.

According to her Twitter, the Chalupa Supreme is a “Defender of truth, lawyer, human rights hobbyist, from California, lives in D.C., grateful to be on this journey w/ @roof_jeff.

It’s easy to discern from her Twitter that the Chalupa Supreme has delusions of grandeur and possibly suffers from dementia, though she seems young for that. Jesus, it’s scary to see how many morons and cretins liked the tweet below.

Also, check out this ripe piece of lunacy.

H/t Mike Flugennock, @flugennock, who provided the lovely artwork.

“What’s the context?” I asked Mike Flugennock, who created the artwork above. “Was that directed to you or just one of her regular deranged cries to the universe?”

“No, that was just a standard-issue Tourette’s outburst to the Universe,” he replied.

As to the Chalupa Supreme’s husband, check out his Twitter.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say Jeff Roof is also a grifter. Why? Two reasons. First, he’s married to one. It’s like the Clintons, what came first, the Hillary or the Bill?

Second, his Twitter says he is a “Builder of great things; MBA @SmithSchool; @BrownUFootball and class of ‘96; climate change entrepreneur. A) This “builder of great things” has 178 followers and a Google search turns up virtually nothing at all about him, and certainly nothing remotely “great.” B) If you’re bragging about having played football at Brown University, whose last bowl appearance came in 1915, when the team lost 14-0 to Washington State, you are, ipso facto, a loser as well as a dweeb. C) There’s not a single “climate change entrepreneur” on the planet who isn’t a grifter. That’s just a fact.

Incidentally, I’m sure Jeff and Alexandra paddled on a kayak to that island because flying or other modes of transportation contribute to climate change.

The Chalupa Supreme’s Wikipedia — which is is probably at least half accurate because it’s obvious at a glance that she wrote or dictated it, an act which henceforth should be referred to as “Pulling a Chalupa” — says, “When Chalupa was 2–1/2, her life was saved by a child car seat when her parent’s car spun out of control and crashed while traversing the Alps in Italy. The incident led her mother to single-handedly wage a successful 2-year lobbying campaign in the California legislature for a mandatory child safety seat law that passed in 1982.”

More to the point, her Wikipedia reveals that she is clearly a Russiagate conspiracy loon and grifter.

In a November 13, 2019 article worth reading about the Chalupa Supreme, “Who is Alexandra Chalupa? The DNC operative Republicans say dug for dirt on Trump,” the New York Post gives additional information about her:

A new cast of characters emerged at Wednesday’s impeachment hearings — including Alexandra Chalupa, a former Democratic National Committee contractor and staffer who dug for dirt on the Trump campaign with help from Ukrainian officials.

Chalupa, a Ukrainian American who calls herself a “human rights lobbyist,” made a cameo minutes into the opening statement of House Intelligence Committee ranking member Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) in which he railed against the Democrats’ secretive impeachment process.

“Violating their own guidelines, Democrats repeatedly redacted from transcripts the name of Alexandra Chalupa, a contractor for the Democratic National Committee who worked with Ukrainian officials to collect dirt on the Trump campaign which she provided to the DNC and the Hillary Clinton campaign,” Nunes said.

Further information and evidence of Russiagate grifting can be found in the Chalupa Supreme’s LinkedIn.

Before turning to the Russiagate grift, note that the Chalupa Supreme’s firm is pretty shady and mysterious. This link says that Chalupa & Associates:

…is a Private limited with Share Capital company based in 5 Fitzharding Street, Marylebone, London, United Kingdom, which employs 1 people. The company started trading on the British market since 2015-05-08. Company registration number 09580793. Its main line of business activity is Management consultancy activities other than financial management and the company is listed as Active – Accounts Filed. According to their latest annual reports submitted on 2019-05-31, the company had a Total Assets of £13,258.00, while the Working Capital of -£31.00 and Total Liabilities of £13,113.00.

Also note that the Chalupa Supreme got paid well for managing the campaign of Adam Cook, who went down to a humiliating defeat to Republican Robert Wittman, losing by a crushing margin of 56 percent to 41 percent. Please consult the Federal Election Commission data for November 2012.

In regard to the Russiagate grift, note that on her LinkedIn the Chalupa Supreme is endorsed in the category of “Political Campaigns” by Scott Dworkin, one of the all-time great Russiagate drifters. Washington Babylon previously reported on him here.

In closing, I’ll note that the Chalupa Supreme took to Twitter after my first story ran. “Pathetic hit piece,” she wrote. “Adam Parkhomenko consistently stood up to Trump/Putin when many were silent, supported a lot of resisters every step of the way.”

“Glad u liked it @AlexandraChalup,” I replied. “I’ll b writing more about pitiful Parkhomenko, extortionist Avenatti & u soon. Didn’t know u b4 but u defend 2 scammers so maybe u 1 2. And nice Wikiipedia! U write it or ur “serial entrepreneur” hubby? Might write about him 2, u never know.”

I’d point out here that the Chalupa Supreme didn’t question any of the factual allegations I made about Parkhomenko, she merely said the story was a “pathetic hatchet job without detailing why.” But to fully appreciate her incredible dishonesty and willingness to casually lie, which raises doubts about everything she says, check out her reply.

Saying I might write about her husband is magically transformed into “threaten[ing] women’s families on Twitter.” Mrs. Chalupa Supreme, you are a shameless grifter, hack and liar. The nicest thing to be said about you is that you’re so unctuous and slimy that Taco Bell decided to name a menu item after you.

(*) There I was roughly plagiarizing Janet Malcolm, one of my very favorite writers, from her masterpiece The Journalist and the Murderer. Malcolm sadly passed away I’ll be writing a tribute to her tomorrow.]

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