Credit: I Am Hip Hop Magazine

Uncle Arik there you stood
rebuilding the land
one body at a time.

We watched as
19-year-olds died
and borders grew
and so did your stomach
and every child wondered but was
afraid to ask, “Did he eat my bothers and sisters?

You never quite understood,
from each ability to each need
So you resculpted tzionism
to look like you:
and engorged ego over a “dirty jew
racism to counter racism
that could never wash off the ancient libel.

History will paint you a real estate baron,
giving people homes in exchange for their buffering your land;
trading out the lives of Israeli children to buffer their children,
who won’t serve, pay taxes, or speak Hebrew.

And then one day, take it all away
to make peace like it was a recipe you had been mixing all along
But we know that territory, like body count,
are just mechanisms to calculate power
the narcotic which keeps your particular psychosis in check.

Uncle Arik, sleep now
hang on to your piss bag and heart monitors
cling to this vegetable life
with your terminal ego
and tragic penis
and know

Know what i know:
Two decades of soldiers await you on the other side.

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