Swamp Drainer & Giant Ant Killer Tina-Desiree Berg On Sleazy DC Lobbyists

The freaking awesome Tina-Desiree Berg, the actress, writer, genius and equal parts left brain/right brain, is a guest on our brand new podcast, which IMHO you would literally be insane not to check out.
Tina — that’s what her besties call her for short — talked about how the Democratic National Committee (DNC) is overrun by lobbyists, who are a plague of locusts in both parties. “If we don’t correct this problem we’re going to be looking at another Trump or someone like that and I really don’t need or want that in my life,” Tina recently told Washington Babylon, in an exclusive interview.
Tina also recently wrote about the topic in our pages, in a piece titled “Harold Ickes and other Vile Toads that Run the DNC.” I should also note that Tina — who may or not be the woman pictured below — is a co-star of the new Luscious Ladies podcast, along with Washington Babylon regulars Bourgeoise Alien and Judy Jones.
Luscious Ladies’s producer David Slavick is our podcast co-producer, with Tom Anderson. Incidentally, my co-host for the show is the fab Monique Miles.
Hey, Tina-Desiree, is that you?
Tina is also — come on, do you ever sleep? — a film producer and was a B-movie actress in Bikini Hotel (Parental Warning) and GiAnts. I can honestly say that Tina is what makes these movies worth watching.
Anyway, on the podcast Tina and I talked about sleaze lobbyists, like Minyon “Minion” Moore and other creep-o Democrats at the firm of Dewey Square Group. This firm has a lot of African-Americans in senior positions — people who typically served in, or leeched off, the Bill Clinton and Barack Obama administrations.
Here are a few of Tina’s remarks — and make sure to check out the whole podcast, which also features an amazing interview with CIA torture whistleblower John Kiriakou.
Minyon Moore recently said, “What I do for a living is help corporations get to where your values are.” That’s the loaded gun statement of the year. What they’re doing is saying we’re not lobbyists, we’re consultants, and they’re helping corporations frame their message so they can sell it to the Democratic base, it’s completely nefarious.


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