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Ken Silverstein I’m Ken Silverstein, a long-time investigative journalist and’s beloved founder, CEO and raconteur. If not, you can click on my name, in red below, to find out more and make a donation to support my work. Incidentally, my favorite topic, broadly speaking, is the grey world — where governments and criminals secretly collaborate. My stories have landed people in prison, launched U.S. congressional investigations and led to FBI raids. As a journalist I have no loyalties to anyone except the readers, which is why I attack all sides, right, center and left. I’m a writer, not an activist. I pursue great stories even if they’re about a person or a cause I admire, though it’s always more fun to go after the world’s sleaziest politicians and mobsters. Thanks in advance a million!
Andrew Stewart I was raised Irish Catholic, now I’m an American. Ya know, you grow. -George Carlin
I’ve been writing for a variety of periodicals since 2005 and started out doing arts and entertainment writing. But very quickly I learned from a mentor in journalism that most politicians today are nothing more than failed stage performers. So I think I am in a perfect position owing to the fact we have our first game show host president! I have specialized in reporting on financial and economic policy, the corruption usually stemming from it, and the aftermath (or should I say after-mess?)
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