Suburban Mom: The Establishment Attack on @bourgeoisalien


There’s been a disturbing trend on social media, in this particular case I’m about to discuss, Twitter. While it is normal for people to get into arguments on Twitter, all too often those on the receiving end — writers, pundits and generally well-known people — are women on the left.

A good friend of mine has recently been the recipient of this fucking insanity by “cultural op-ed” writer Eric Zorn of the Chicago Tribune. We will get back to Mr. Zorn in a minute, but it’s important to note that several months back national pundit and serial left-puncher Joy Reid used Twitter to launch SEVERAL “tweet-storms” aimed at my friend Beth, aka @bourgeoisalien and/or Elizabeth Argyropoulos. As a result of Joy’s temper tantrum, Beth was mass reported and her Twitter account wasn’t functional for several hours during a hurricane.

Now, you may be thinking, what is this Beth person DOING to fall under the radar of the Joy Reids of the world, and major publications like the Chicago Tribune? Let’s get back to our pal Eric Zorn of the Tribune.

Beth wrote a series of tweets that caught Eric’s eye and, because he does something called “Tweet of the week,” or some such vapid thing, he thought it was clever to string a string of her “criminal” tweets together:

While both can be true, depending on the person, to deny that our education system and media is woefully inept at educating the / electorate is a vast oversight. When a person, in an economy that has the greatest wealth inequality since the 19th century is working / two jobs at 7 bucks an hour just to survive, and they may have 30 minutes to watch the news, neither FOX, CNN, or MSNBC will / do the job of actually educating citizens on the depth of the issues. Combine that with a sub-par education system that does not / teach civics, much less, and yes I’ll mention this again, critical thinking, and you have a recipe for disaster, a people able to be / easily manipulated. Yes, you I assume, and I were raised in homes that valued education, and perhaps we both had some advantages / but to sit here and say ALL people choose to be ignorant, is…well….ignorant.

Yes, there are some that are willfully hateful / but to deny that there is a real problem with media, news, and education, to deny that the powers that be prefer and easily/ manipulated voter is naive, and I know you’re a smart guy, Eric, so I don’t know what to think about your comments. Very odd / Quite frankly, since the telecommunications act of 1996, our Media has taken a nose dive into corporate-driven propaganda. Give me a break.

Hey Eric, that’s not the way Twitter works. People read tweets separately and Twitter is not a place to write books, or even two paragraphs. We’re not talking fucking literature, shit bag. And by the way, just because you’re a centrist, tone-deaf idiot, DOES NOT make what Beth or anyone else on the left says “wrong.”

This constant punching at women on the left is absolutely out of fucking control and a clearly emerging pattern. The constant ERASING of our voices (or attempts to) are seemingly endless. You can’t tell me there was a LOGICAL reason for this op-ed writer from the CHICAGO TRIBUNE to actually take the goddam hour or whatever it took to single out a NON-PUBLIC woman on the left.

Whether Zorn realizes this or not — and Joy Reid sure as hell does — he was going after Beth precisely because she’s on the left. What was the point? What was he trying to “achieve”? That a woman ON THE LEFT hurt his feelings? Um, Eric, get a diary or a therapist.

Well, Eric, Joy Reid, Tom Watson, Neera Tanden, all of you centrist shit heads, it’s very obvious that it’s not just my friend Beth you’re after. And it’s more than well-known women like Nina Turner or Nomiki Konst, to name just two more examples. It’s women on the left in general and outspoken women more broadly.


At bottom, these establishment, centrist pundits and journalists LOVE women who retweet. The originals scare them.

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