Suburban Mom Tells All: Tom Perez is the PTA Mom from Hell


You know, I’ve been a Democrat for more years than I care to admit but even by my now debased expectations, Tom Perez’s actions as DNC chairman are like a bad  comedy routine. It might even be funny if not for the potential consequences.

See, as Team Clinton (let’s add Obama in there) wants you to believe, Hillary emerged from a long period of “reflection” in the Chappaqua woods having concluded that everyone in the world, except her, was to blame for her campaign defeat and thereby embarked on her pathetic book tour. At around the same time, over the Unity Reform Commission weekend in Las Vegas, Perez “suddenly” decided to purge people who had voted for Keith Ellison in the race for DNC Chair. These people were — SHOCKER — replaced with Team Hillary loyalists.

Look, Perez, you don’t have a goddamn mandate. You BARELY beat Ellison. So the solution isn’t complicated:

Actually LISTEN to MEMBERS of the party and make good on all that “unity” talk. Stop the DLC/New Dem bullshit and FIGHT Wall Street. Don’t appoint people to committees that co-signed Clinton’s garbage “third way” failed ideology. #NotHard.

And appointing Donna “I will give debate answers to Hillary” Brazile to the RULES COMMITTEE, isn’t exactly “reassuring” or instill confidence in this “new DNC.” Jesus Christ, Tom, are you DELIBERATELY trying to destroy the shreds that are left of the party?

All this fuckery got me thinking. I’ve been to mind-numbing local PTA meetings and that insanity kind of reminds me of what’s currently happening at the DNC. Now clearly the point of the PTA is parents come together because they have the goal of making their child’s school the best it can be.

About two years ago, over the course of a few months, I lived in close proximity to  the PTA Mom from hell. Donna was the type that lives and breathes all things PTA. She had what some people deemed to be an intimidating personality (though to me she was just a fucking lunatic), so she was allowed to run things.

After months of her messing up bake sakes, book fairs, outings, on and on, about 10 of us got together to discuss the “crazy” problem. We agreed to use Robert’s Rules of Order. We made a list of ways the PTA could work better and more democratically for EVERYONE. Fuck yeah!

At the next PTA meeting the ten of us presented our new plan. Well, Donna and her pals — think bitter, miserable, far older versions of the characters from “Mean Girls” — clearly weren’t happy.

So soon enough all ten of us were were asked to “leave” the PTA, a ripe piece of  lunacy given that the group is all-volunteer. A few of us dissidents went to the school’s vice-principal and explained that we only wanted to make the organization function better, FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE SCHOOL.

The idiotic and tone-deaf vice principle — a personal friend of Donna’s — didn’t want “drama” and sided with the Mean Girls. The Gang of Ten dissidents were OUT.
Long story short, volunteers dropped off so much the following fall that there was no functioning PTA until everything was restructured.

Bottom line: Tom Perez is Donna. Democrats lost more than 1,000 seats in legislatures across the country after Obama became president and the prognosis just keeps worsening at the state and national level. The party can’t afford this fucking stupidity.

So maybe Tom takes three Valium to go to sleep at night to live with himself. He’s fucking up so badly, it’s breathtaking. Meanwhile, party leaders like Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, don’t have a clue. Somebody better wake THE FUCK UP or Donald Trump may be president for a long, long time.

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