Suburban Mom Tells All: Hit the unfollow button on the feminist establishment


So the Women’s March is having a Convention next week in Detroit. What’s not to like?

Well, “resistance” hero, Democratic hack and Bernie-hater Neera Tanden has announced that she’s VERY upset with the Convention and is “unfollowing” the Women’s March Twitter account. (Insert eye rolls.). Naturally, fellow professional Hillary hacks such as MSNBC pundit Joy Reid, Debra Messing, Joan Walsh and a few other usual suspects are livid as well.

*Why* the fake-outrage? The anti-Conventioneers will tell you something incoherent about how women aren’t properly being “represented” at the convention, which is really weird given that only TWO men are speaking. Ohhhh, but one of them happens to be Senator Bernard Sanders (at least until yesterday).

Of course, the mere mention of his name gets Hillary and her supporters frothing at the mouth because Bernie and the “Bernie Bros,” a term coined by an associate editor at the Atlantic, cost Hillary the election goddammit!!!!

Tanden, Reid, Walsh, Messing et al just COULDN’’T STAND that Bernie had a prominent stage at the Convention. NO MATTER that Representative Maxine Waters is the headliner. NO MATTER that the organizers of the Women’s March extended invitations to just about every top female Democrat. It seems that many of the women speaking at the Convention don’t “count” because they have allegedly committed the unpardonable crime of fraternizing and/or affiliating with Bernie Sanders.

And that’s what all this faux-outrage is REALLY about. The people “mad” at the Convention are the same ones that are “mad” at virtually everything Bernie does. Circling back to Neera Tanden, I can assure you that  what she’s REALLY “mad” about  — and she is mad — is that she’s not tweeting from Hillary Clinton’s West Wing. Apply this same rough logic to the other anti-Conventioneers and you now know what’s REALLY going on.

Which brings me to something even more disturbing. Stephanie Schriock, the president of Emily’s List, a PAC founded in 1985 to help pro-choice Democratic women run for office, tweeted out her “disappointment” that Bernie was to speak at the Convention. She said it sent the “wrong message.” (Insert more eye rolls.)

Well, I, along with many other women, would like an explanation regarding an event that EMILY’s List put on in March 2016. Bill Clinton spoke at this event and correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t Bill Clinton’s history reveal that he’s been, um, “not great” to women? Answer: he’s fucking awful.

As far as I’m concerned Tanden and her pals can save their fake-ass tears and their bullshit “concern.” The bottom line is that they’re still mad that Bernie ran at all and if a woman can’t take a little competition, well, we’ve failed as feminists.

And for that, and many other reasons, I’m hitting the unfollow button on the feminist establishment and moving on.

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