Sparkling Observations on the State of the Left and Right: By a man who seems determined to destroy his career and future


Hey everyone, Happy Yom Kippur!

Meet Theo Papathanasis. Best known as Theo. Pronounced…..

Anyway, in reply to a recent Facebook post — “Are you looking to destroy your career and future before it even begins? Well I have great news for you. needs at least one intern — and no, we won’t pay you but where else can you work with me and two other people? — he sent me a message, which was quite smart.

I already knew Theo was brilliant because we’re Facebook friends (gag) and we chat from time to time, but he’s looking for work with this illustrious publication and he can have it if he wants it. We just haven’t figured out a title. And this definitely seemed worth publishing to me. Hope you enjoy. I edited it slightly for length and clarity.

The American left has been getting scourged and pistol-whipped as long I care to know. The right has got the tabs and websites like Breitbart. We’ve got Facebook. Say what you will about Steve Bannon; he’s right to say, “There’s no Breitbart. The problem in the Democratic Party? They haven’t had a civil war.” I’m no Democrat. Can’t see how to win a race to the middle. But….we can be that tabloid. We can be that poisonous website.

Your bag’s investigative journalism. I respect that. Picking up those skills is why I even consider working for you for free. I’m a fair hand at research, but in that bookish way. I used to blog about politics and war and know writing can get you in trouble, beat-up, spied on, harassed and impoverished. So why would I, a man versed in philosophy and logic, even think about risking any of that again?

Three reasons:

1. Copping out isn’t a strategy.

2. I envision a publication that combines hard-hitting stories with keen editorials and a casual approach to political niceties. And aren’t you that guy?

3. Having destroyed my future and career with this shit long ago, I’m perfectly positioned to chase down my final ruin.

I know I’m too old for this kind of thing, but fuck it. I have a talent for destroying political opponents and should cultivate it. I know I’ve let my skills go and the drink’s dulled me; but a decade of carpentry and woodwork taught me you can always put a crisp edge on old iron.

If you’re interested in my interest, let me know. If not, we’re still cool.

Best, Theo

P.S. This would have to be a part-time gig.


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