Sources: Senator Marco Rubio, “Family Values” Champion, Had Sex With Multiple Undergraduate Students As Professor At Florida International University

“I learn as much from these students as they learn from me," Rubio said. This might be the only true statement the senator has made in the past twenty years.


Florida Senator Marco Rubio is a longtime advocate of “family values,” but like so many of his moralizing predecessors, he doesn’t practice what he preaches.

Multiple sources with direct knowledge of the married Rubio’s sexual spree have given me detailed, consistent accounts of his extramarital affairs. They say that while working as a professor at Florida International University (FIU), whose website still identifies him as a senior fellow at the Steven J. Green School of International & Public Affairs, Rubio routinely took female undergraduate students to a Coral Gables condo near Dadeland Mall.

They would have sex with their professor — who was already a U.S. senator at the time — and go home. However, when the young women got too drunk they would spend the night at the condo, sources said.

FIU graduates have told me that Rubio’s sex spree was widely known on campus. During a single semester in 2013, he had sex with multiple women in one class, sources said. Several sources said his sexual misconduct with students predated 2013, but they could not confirm if he was still being unfaithful to his wife with undergrads after 2013.

I have names of women who say they had sex with Rubio. I have not published their names only out of respect for them and their right to privacy. Rubio is the guilty party, not the women. I urge anyone with knowledge of Rubio’s sexual spree at FIU, or elsewhere, or of his political corruption to please email me at On or off the record is fine, though I would prefer on the record accounts.)

To my knowledge Rubio’s behavior was not as disgusting as that of disgraced former congressman and Clinton family crony Anthony Weiner. The latter was sexting minors and served prison time. Rubio had consensual sex with his bedmates and some of the women he slept with bragged about it on campus. “They all wanted to fuck a U.S. senator and they were not 15-year-olds, they were 21-year-olds,” one source told me. “He’s not a creep, he’s just a shitty husband.” This person added, “There have been rumors that he’s gay but that’s not true. He liked women and he got a tent in his pants anytime one walked into his classroom.”

Congressman Carlos Danger.

Rubio is notorious for not turning up to vote in the senate. I’ve been told that in at least one case, he didn’t vote because he was giving his FIU students/sex partners an exam, so he preferred to chill in his classroom in sunny Florida instead of traveling to Washington to vote.

Senator Rubio and his office have failed to reply to questions about this story. If I hear from Rubio, I’ll be happy to update it.

(I have written about Rubio on numerous occasions. He has never replied to requests for comment. My stories have covered topics such as his sleazy real estate deals, his shady political ties and his intimate relationships with lobbyists.)

Rubio began teaching at FIU in 2008, two years before being elected as a U.S. senator from Florida. This isn’t the first time that his tenure as a professor caused controversy but it is the first time his campus sex spree — which took place after his election to the senate — has been exposed.

Rubio has, however, taken heat about his bogus academic career. Documents and records obtained by NBC News suggested that he “worked less than 10 hours a week and missed three-in-10 classes during his first semester of teaching – all while making more than most part-time visiting professors.”

Professor Rubio in action. Credit: Tampa Bay Times.

NBC reported that Rubio “taught in various capacities at the university” through 2015, “coming on-board [in 2008] just as he was term-limited out of his position as speaker of the Florida House.” Here’s an excerpt from that story:

He began his teaching at the school as a Visiting Distinguished Service Professor at the Metropolitan Center, the school’s urban think tank. That position entailed co-teaching two classes with longtime friend and pollster Dario Moreno, as well as “conducting research, assisting with recommendations and developing a proposal for a demonstration project on affordable housing,” according to a release announcing his hire at the time.

For that, he would earn $69,000…It was a salary that raised eyebrows among some FIU professors, prompting questions at an FIU Faculty Senate meeting late last year.

“How do we justify paying him as much as we do to teach one course?” asked Amy Paul-Ward, an associate professor in the Nicole Wertheim College of Nursing and Health Sciences, according to the FIU student paper. “I know there are qualified adjuncts in our school who we have trouble paying $3,000 to teach a course.”

According to his office, from August of 2008 – November of 2009, Rubio raised approximately $125,000 for the Center — enough to cover his salary and then some. A sizeable chunk of that, $100,000, came from Norman Braman — the wealthy auto magnate who’s been a longtime benefactor to Rubio, is helping to bankroll his campaign and whose charitable foundation employs Rubio’s wife.

Rubio, of course, isn’t the first and won’t be the last politician to use his power to bag bedmates. Among many others are former Florida Congressman Mark Foley; retired Louisiana Senator David Vitter, now a sleaze lobbyist; the vile former Congressman Newt Gingrich, who preached “family values” while having multiple affairs and who led the impeachment drive of Bill Clinton. And then there’s the equally vile Clinton, a sexual predator who, like his wife Hillary, portrays himself as an ardent champion of women’s rights and feminism.

Rubio’s feverish promotion and exploitation of “family values” makes his behavior utterly hypocritical and cynical. Consider this Orlando Sentinel story, which says Rubio hits his “sweet spot” when talking about family values. Or take a look at this Washington Post story from 2016, when Rubio was running for president, which said that his platform reflected traditional family values. “He would support a ban on abortion with exceptions for when the life of the mother is in danger, but not in cases of rape or incest,” the story said of Senator Moral Purity. “He opposes gay marriage, saying that ‘God’s rules’ trump the Supreme Court’s decision on the question.”

The ever credulous mainstream media also did a pathetic job of covering Rubio’s years as a professor. “It keeps me grounded,” Rubio said in this story. “I learn as much from these students as they learn from me.” (In a manner of speaking, I guess that’s true.) The Washington Post and Politico have also run ridiculously fawning stories about Professor Rubio.

So perhaps the best that can be said of Rubio is that he’s not a pedophile, but he is also not the man he pretends to be. He has no credibility, whether it’s on the topic of family values or demanding war in Venezuela and elsewhere around the globe. I would never defend the honor of the U.S. senate because with a few exceptions, there is currently very little honor in that institution.

Good times!

But even by the lowly standards of the senate, Rubio is about as low as one can sink. He is a hypocrite and a liar, and he should not hold public office, now or ever.

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