Florida University Thus Far Covering Up For Senator Marco Rubio’s Sex Spree With Its Students; Rubio Also Has No Comment


Last week, I reported that Senator Marco Rubio, a married man and ardent champion of “family values,” bedded a notable slice of his female students while teaching at Florida International University. He gave students who had sex with him better grades than students who declined sex with him, which does not appear to reflect the students’ talents, at least their classroom talents.

Rubio has declined repeated requests for comment and so has Florida International University (FIU). Here is a lightly edited email I sent about four hours ago to four officials in its Media Relations office. “As one of the nation’s largest, most dynamic universities, it’s no surprise that the great work we do at FIU is making headlines,” reads the office’s home page. “Our Media Relations team is central to ensuring that we convey the right message, serving as the liaison between the university and news media and helping the members of our university community tell the FIU story.”

If Rubio or FIU — which I have reached out to prior to today — get back to me, I would be happy to include their comments.


I am a longtime DC journalist who was worked for and written for VICE, Harper’s, the Los Angeles Times, New Republic, New York Times, Slate, Salon, The Nation and many others over the course of a 30-year career in journalism. I have never been sued.

I currently am working on a book, writing magazine articles and have my own site, WashingtonBabylon.com, where I recently wrote about Senator Marco Rubio having sex with his FIU students. I am working on a follow-up and would like comment from you. I am certain he had sex with FIU students — and female students who didn’t sleep with him got worse grades [than those who did], direct sources have told me — during the Spring 2013 semester.

Here is my story.

Here is Yale’s policy on teacher-student consensual sex.

I would like comment for a follow up coming out next week, so I need comment by next Monday at noon EDT.

1/ Is the university aware of the allegations about Rubio sleeping with students? If you weren’t before, you would be now based on this email.

2/ What is FIU’s policy on professors sleeping with students? How about professors sleeping with students and changing their grades depending on whether they slept with the professor or not?

3/ I have spoken with a number of people with direct knowledge of Rubio’s misconduct. There is zero percent chance the story is wrong. I will be speaking with additional witnesses over the next few days, as well as parents of the former FIU students who had sex with Rubio. What should I tell them when they ask whether or not FIU intends to look into this matter.



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