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Here’s a prediction: In two years, Washington Babylon will be like the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, which I delivered on my bicycle when I was a youngster. [Note: I didn’t deliver the Post or any newspaper by bike or any means when I was a youngster. To the best of my recollection I was high at that time. But let’s get back to the point.]

Why, you may be asking? Because within two years at the most Washington Babylon will be essentially banned and the only way you’ll be able to read our exclusive mix of politics, satire and true crime coverage (like the hard hitting story noted in the headline above) will be to get it delivered daily via email. But don’t wait for two years, because our effective banning could happen any day so sign up for our FREE NEWSLETTER NOW BY CLICKING ON THIS LINK.

It will take no more than 15 seconds of your time and you’ll gain access to exclusive information not available to people who don’t sign up for OUR FREE NEWSLETTER.

Why, you may be asking, won’t you be able to read our exclusive coverage if you don’t sign up for our newsletter. Because I’ve already been banned for periods of time by Facebook and Twitter even though I’m just as sane as Alex Jones.

(Note: Jones possibly should be banned, though I’m of mixed mind about this because while he is bat shit crazy, if Facebook and Twitter and other companies owned by our horrible tech overlords can ban him, they can ban someone normal like me. Also, I know for a fact that Jones doesn’t have the integrity necessary to execute a baby, puppy and kitten. He’s all talk, no action.)

Seriously, many other publications on the “fringes” — as defined by the tech oligarchy, other powerful financial interests and our beloved mainstream media — have been temporarily or permanently silenced by social media companies. Some of these publications espouse repugnant views — for example, far-right Christian nuttiness, racism, sexism, homophobia, Nazism, white nationalism, etc. — and I detest what they have to say.

But some of us are serious journalists that just have controversial views. Like me.

That’ s not me. That’s Charles Manson.

I’ve been a journalist for decades and have written thousands of stories for countless magazines, newspapers and websites. I was on staff and/or on the masthead at the Associated Press in Brazil, the Los Angeles Times, Harper’s, VICE and many other outlets. To name just two others, and these I deeply regret, Al Jazeera and The Intercept, which is about as low as you can sink other than writing an op-ed or two for the New York Times, which I’ve also done.

Look, I was desperate and worried about money, but I guess some concentration camp guards were pressed for cash too so that’s no real excuse. What is an excuse or two or three is that Al Jazeera — and let me emphasize I have a few friends there who do great work — fired me after sixty days because I wouldn’t participate in a journalism fraud conducted by a clown named Clayton Swisher, who is not even a journalist, he was “a low-level’ security agent for the U.S. State Department,” according to Wikipedia, and I know that is correct and what follows. “He served as a bodyguard for Secretaries of State Madeleine Albright and Colin Powell, as well as other leaders, including head of the PLO Yasser Arafat.” Now he writes for The Intercept, which proves he’s not a journalist.

The Intercept basically fired me because I detested the place — but let me note that a few good people still work there but everyone left should quit after the publication put its third whistleblower in prison. Technically I wasn’t fired because editor Betsy Reed apparently didn’t want me to get unemployment so she wouldn’t fire me, thereby forcing me to quit. Or maybe Reed is just evil, like Pierre Omidyar, who pays her salary, and Glenn Greenwald, Pierre’s pet puppy who defends the dying publication even after it has put multiple whistleblowers in prison, Edward Snowden rots in Moscow and The Intercept has locked up his leaked NSA documents.

Anyway, I was basically fired and immediately published this story at VICE and became a contributing editor there back in its late heyday. The Intercept wouldn’t publish the story. Why not? I don’t know but maybe because Omidyar has a lot of first hand knowledge of offshore bank accounts and didn’t want to attack an industry that helps him reduce his taxes. But that’s just a guess.

Excuse three: the New York Times hasn’t asked me to write any op-eds or anything else for many years, though a few of its reporters — a couple who I like but most who I can’t stand — call me periodically looking for information and then publish it in their newspaper without credit or completely distort or ignore what I told them, also without credit.

Anyway, the other reason you won’t be able to read Washington Babylon if you don’t sign up for our free newsletter is that the Google search algorithm will have rigged things so we show up lower than Alex Jones, who fundamentally is within the mainstream of American politics and we are very definitely not, and never will be. We are out to destroy capitalism and that makes us Enemies of the State, which is exactly the place I want to be.

So we at Washington Babylon are already preparing for the future by returning to the past — daily delivery — and staying ahead of the curve — via email instead of bicycle and 100 percent free, unless you have money to spare. We don’t discriminate if you don’t have money to spare so here’s the link to sign up for our newsletter if you want to support independent journalism, keep reading us and save these adorable creatures.

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