Sherrie Anne Andre is going on trial for resisting I.C.E. in MA

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Over the course of the year, we have been bringing you coverage of the FANG Collective and their campaign to Shut Down ICE and end municipal and state collaboration with the Trump administration’s war on migrants. Here is a recent press release about a trial we will be covering in the next month. If you have any way of showing your support this holiday season, please consider donating to the FANG Collective!

Greetings from the FANG Collective,

On January 7th, 2020, FANG co-founder Sherrie Anne Andre will be going on trial after being arrested during a direct action at the Bristol County House of Corrections in Massachusetts on August 20, 2018. The action was carried out in solidarity with people detained by ICE at the facility who launched a hunger strike to demand more humane treatment.

Sherrie is facing up to 30 days in jail. Two other people arrested as part of the action have served 10 day jail sentences, and another person was fined $3000 in restitution.

For years Sherrie has put their knowledge, spirit and body on the line to support their community in Rhode Island, and to support front line communities across the continent. Now Sherrie needs your support.

January 7th is the jury selection date, and January 8th is the beginning of the trial. Both days are incredibly important for this trial, and we urge people to come to both dates if possible. We want to show the strength and dedication of our community, and our support for Sherrie.

Here’s how else you can support Sherrie:

  • Register if you are planning to attend the trial
  • Sign this letter of support for Sherrie
  • Donate to help cover the logistical and legal costs of the trial
  • Join FANG’s Shut Down ICE campaign
  • Read more about the trial and the action that Sherrie was arrested at

This trial is also important in the context of the larger movement to resist ICE and the prison industrial complex. FANG’s Shut Down ICE campaign is focused on pressuring law enforcement agencies in Massachusetts to end their 287(g) and IGSA contracts with ICE. We will keep fighting to end these contracts in Bristol County and elsewhere, and we will keep fighting for the abolition of ICE and for a world free of prisons.

We will be posting more updates soon. Thank you for your solidarity.

With militant love,

The FANG Collective

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