What's in New DNC Leaks cache? A lot — and here's a few places to look

From 4chan to Russia with love...


A hacker (or hackers) has recently released a new cache of material taken directly from the computer systems of the Democratic Party and the materials are simply amazing. There are sixteen individual sub-folders, each worthy of multiple news stories, and they are loaded with goodies.

I went to the /pol/ board on 4chan, the high school locker room of the worldwide hacker community, for pointers on what’s worth checking out.

Perhaps the most interesting folder, labeled “finance,” contains three documents. Check out the one labelled “11-26-08 NFC Members Raised.xlsx,” which is a spreadsheet that lists major DNC donors dating back to 2008. It looks to be a master pay-to-play roster, which shows how hefty donations to the DNC could help score you a top government or diplomatic posting. Here are a few names worth pointing out:

Matthew Berzun: Ambassador to UK
Julius Genachowski: Former Chairman to FCC
Frank Sanchez: Undersecretary of Commerce
Kirk Wagner: Ambassador to Singapore
Alan Solomont: Ambassador to Spain
John Roos: Ambassador to Japan
Nicole Avant: Ambassador to Bahamas
Eileen Chamberlain Donahoe: US Ambassador to the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva
Tony West: Deputy Attorney General (now corporate counsel for Pepsi)
Bill Kennard: Ambassador to EU

screen-shot-2016-09-15-at-4-00-04-pmThe 4chan gang pointed out, as highlighted in yellow above, a donation made by Bill Kennard. He’s a partner in the Carlyle Group, which Jeffrey St. Clair describes as “essentially a hedge fund for war-making and high tech espionage.”

Another folder I explored is titled ‘CNBC’. There are already some who are discussing the possibility this could be linked to insider trading, though a lot of these people are conspiracy-theory types.

But it’s certainly interesting that Smith & Wesson was on the list of stocks in the CNBC file, which could suggest that the DNC was hoping to profit off Obama’s gun control policies. That’s the sort of speculation that could be nuts, but given that the DNC has become such a cesspool of corruption and a virtual arm of Wall Street, it can’t be immediately dismissed.



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