Send ICE to Hanford


El Dorado, 
The city of gold, it’s been told 
Was an Incan creation 
Designed to consign the Spanish 
Chrysophiliacs away 
To fall prey to the chasms 
and canyons of the Marañón, 
and Amazon lowlands, of course 
The fever and the legend it engendered 
Grew worse, but the basic idea 
Was sound: send them off!
Which brings us to ask
If you’ve heard about Hanford, or not 
In Washington state 
The place is gigantic,
And radioactive, from nuclear waste; 
So, let’s start a rumor 
For Border Patrol, and ICE,
And all the vigilantes 
That thousands of immigrant women 
And men are hiding therein 
In all those 600 square miles 
In the grasses of the river banks 
And crouched in empty storage tanks 
And that they must find them 
No matter how long it should take

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