Sen. Jack Reed Lying to Constituents About Venezuela

When your Senator lies through his teeth to you blatantly...


Well, it looks like Tuesday, April 30, 2019 is going to mark yet another attempt by the American-backed coup plotters on the ground in Caracas, one which seems to have also failed. Our sources are keeping an eye on events as they develop but things are looking like Elliot Abrams screwed this one up.

While we here in the Babylon Bullpen are not shy about our views on Pres. Nicholas Maduro, we also are adamant that Pres. Maduro at his most buffoonish and incompetent is much better than the quisling Juan Guaidó, a picture-perfect definition of a white supremacist louse whose politics and aspirations mirror the worst aspects of the Trump base.

As coincidence would have it today, Rhode Island’s Sen. Jack Reed decided to drop me an email on this day of all days!


Reed is obviously going along with the crowd on supporting the coup plotters, which international legal expert Alfred De Zayas said in January was a violation of international law. Reed’s posture and presentation in his epistle is so replete with lies it is impossible to go point-by-point through the sophistry. Needless to say, his proposition that Guaidó is anything but a criminal is a good start.


Reed is seen as a liberal in this state because he doesn’t kow-tow to the Catholic Church he was baptized into on gay marriage, abortion, or other issues where people don’t know how to mind their own damned business.

Nevertheless, he remains a West Point graduate whose major form of “bringing home the bacon” is via military contracts for his district and the wider Southern New England region where his constituents commute for work, such as Electric Boat in Groton, CT where nuclear submarines are constructed. This is known as Pentagon Keynesianism, a notion of government-sponsored wealth redistribution being disbursed through the military-industrial complex’s vast number of contractors. (That is also the longtime track record of Reed’s colleague Sen. Bernie Sanders, whose major serving of bacon for Vermont is the ridiculous F-35 jet, but I digress.) Reed is a militarist and backs imperialism because the Pentagon is one of the few remaining quasi-public sector employers that puts a livable wage in the pockets of his voters.

Meanwhile over at Google News, here is what the headline spread is looking like.

All news outlets except al-Jazeera are cheer-leading for this coup.

Thankfully it is looking like the effort has failed again.

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