Russiagate Circus Promoter Scott Dworkin Blocks Critics, Falls For Gorilla Channel Hoax


Last week, we published a story by Amy Sterling Casil showing how Democratic Coalition Against Trump Super PAC leader Scott Dworkin was cashing in on Russiagate. Dworkin, a #Resistance heartthrob who claims to have “helped uncover” Russiagate, raised $229,000 for the Super PAC in 2017, of which 80 percent went to his for-profit consulting firm, Bulldog Finance Group, and to four political operators he works with.

Dworkin has apparently used very little of the money for his stated goal of impeaching Trump. A billboard slamming California congressman Devin Nunes is the only identifiable non-salary or overhead expenditure directly related to “opposing Trump” on the Super PAC’s mid-year 2017 report. Total cost to Dworkin’s organization: $1,917, less than 1 percent of its revenue.

Dworkin responded to the story by by blocking Amy and I on Twitter, as well as Geoff Campbell, who also reported on the topic, and people who retweeted our stories as well. He also took to Twitter and urged MSNBC hack  Joy Reid to come to his defense. What Dowrkin didn’t do was rebut the information in the stories.

Meanwhile, Dworkin’s Twitter feed continues to be unintentionally amusing. He recently fell for a bogus story about the White House creating a fake “Gorilla Channel” to entertain the president, which just goes to show, some commentators noted, how desperate liberals are to believe anything about Trump. (Though admittedly, with Trump there’s not a lot that can be dismissed as unbelievable.)

Dworkin tweet, deleted after gorilla story was swiftly revealed to be bogus.


The general IQ os his Twitter feed can be seen in the cover image that accompanies this story: “Trump the Fraud dissolved the voter fraud commission that was a fraud in the first place. He’s the biggest fraud out of frauds. Congrats Crooked Donald!”

Dworkin should be careful about calling anyone a fraud and he doesn’t appear to be any smarter than our dimwit president This would all be funny if not for the fact that Russiagate has consumed the country and is destroying innocent people’s lives. Trump’s economic and social policies are mostly terrible, they should be vigorously opposed. Instead, Dworkin and other #Resistance grifters continue to promote Russiagate to advance their Clintonesque political agenda,  and to profit.


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