Rush Limbaugh, the Fat Dumb Ape, Calls Me A Threat to America


Well, Limbaugh called me a threat to America, to be more accurate. But let me start from the rough beginning.

Yesterday I posted a great by Jim Jatras about the sad state of the American media, under the headline, “Triangulating for Truth: Should Russia Today register to lobby? Should CNN?” In that story I posted a picture of Limbaugh with the caption, “This fat, dumb ape once called me, the editor, and my daughter a threat to America. True story.”

Several people contacted me to ask* if I might share the story. (*Technically, no one contacted me to ask about the caption or the story, which is true, though several people contacted me to say they liked Jim’s piece. Technically, I just wanted to call Limbaugh a fat, dumb ape again. I loved when Limbaugh called me a threat to America; in fact I may put his remarks and other negative comments about me on the masthead, as soon as we pull the fundraising banner.)

So due to popular demand, let me share the story with you.

It was January of 2016 and Limbaugh was ranting on the radio, as he is wont to do, about a story I’d written for the New York Observer, in my debut Washington Babylon column for that newspaper, titled, “The case of the High-Flying Pedophile: The Jeffrey Epstein Affair Imperils Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Prospects.”

Billionaire Pedophile and Bill Clinton pal Jeffrey Epstein.

Here’s a brief excerpt:

Why is no one in the D.C. political class and media bubble talking about the Jeffrey Epstein affair? Well, it’s not true that they’re not talking about it at all; they’re just not (for the most part) talking about it honestly or asking the right questions. And the right questions are:

Exactly how tight is the friendship between former President and potential future first gentleman Bill Clinton and Mr. Epstein, who owns a private island in Florida and is now accused of having sex with girls as young as 12 and procuring young girls for sex with other friends of his? What was Bill Clinton doing on the island with Mr. Epstein on multiple occasions and why did he fly overseas on Mr. Epstein’s plane at least 10 times?

What hardball PR and legal tactics will Hillary Clinton’s campaign use to try to make this potential problem—which could potentially derail her planned presidential bid—disappear? Will those tactics work, or is Ms. Clinton’s campaign already dead, even if the exact time of the funeral is not yet known?

We never really have gotten answers to those questions, except the last one. Not that Epstein caused it, but yes, we now know, Hillary’s campaign was already dead.

Anyway, Ape Man didn’t like my story for some reason and publicly berated me and my brilliant daughter, which really hurt my feelings.

Here is what he said, but slightly edited because Ape Man is not exactly lucid.

It’s this guy Ken Silverstein writing in the New York Observer. It says here the Observer. I think it’s the New York Observer. This is one of the most convoluted stories I’ve ever read. This guy’s an avowed leftist, as he would be, writing for the New York Observer. [Editor’s note, meaning me, Ken Silverstein: The New York Observer is owned by Jared Kushner, Donald Trump’s son-in-law and currently one of his closest aides. Even an ape would not be able to follow Ape Man’s logic here.]

His piece is about the Jeffrey Epstein affair. Jeffrey Epstein is a huge, huge Democrat donor. This is the guy who had 12- and 15-year-old girls at his house for massages. This is the guy that, you know, Prince Andrew would show up. Anyway, Bill Clinton’s flown all over the world on this guy’s jet. This guy has a private island where it’s filled with teenage girls doing “massages” for Epstein and his guests.

So we got this guy in the Observer writing a story about it. This guy’s name is Ken Silverstein. I don’t know who he is. He’s a writer for the New York Observer column. What does it say here? Ken Silverstein, staff writer at Harper’s, the LA Times. So he’s a Drive-By. 

Listen to these two paragraphs. “What’s worse, at least from my personal standpoint, is that if Ms. Clinton were to become the Democratic nominee I still might vote for her” – ”this is after going through, after he writes all the problems with Bill and his past and Hillary defending him and all the bimbo stuff — “I still might vote for her because the likely Republican candidates have retrograde and vile public views about race, class, gender and gay rights, and those are important to me, and especially because the two main parties are virtually indistinguishable when it comes to fundamental economic policy.” 

But then the next paragraph. “Actually, I still might not vote for Hillary Clinton if she becomes the nominee, but I probably will if my college-age daughter asks me. Even though I don’t think she likes Ms. Clinton all that much — and I expect she likes her husband less — she is appalled and outraged by the GOP’s stone age social politics and because she would like to see a woman become president. And that’s a good enough reason for me. 

So the Republicans are so vile, they’ve got such a Stone Age social policy. And his daughter hates the Republicans. I might vote for Hillary even though I might not. 

Okay, so this guy, Silverstein, and the New York Observer, essentially what this guy said as he’s going on (imitating Silverstein), “My personal standpoint, uh, if Mrs. Clinton were to become the nominee I might vote for her, but then I might not. I might not. But I might. Depends on what my daughter does. But I can’t vote for Republicans. Stone Age social policies. Rapists, sexists, bigots.” Right.

So here’s a guy openly admitting that he would vote for people that support baby butchers and abortionists, that he would vote for people who have been involved in sexual harassment, perhaps rape, sexual predatory abuse, Bill Clinton, and friends of pedophiles. He would much prefer to support friends of pedophiles, baby butchers, and abortionists and sexual abusers than Republicans and their Stone Age social policies.

And this guy is not alone. They think they are enlightened. These people are inflicting great damage on our culture, whether they are aware of it or not.

So now you know the story. Thanks for asking.

P.S. Yes, I’m inflicting damage on the culture….

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