Political Graffiti — For Jill Nelson


Hey Trump
Hey Trump
Your neck should be a stump
Your head should be a bump 
Among the dung flung 
Through the dump 
Do cities still have dumps?
Do camels still do cameos 
In rodeos with Romeos 
And Juliet’s like Judith, offstage 
A ketchup-slathered sword in hand 
As the band begins to swing and jump
Hey Trump, Hey Trump
Your neck should be a stump 
You know about metonymy? 
When we say You we mean more — see
Oh say, can you see once 
The neck becomes a stump 
And the head’s held and turned to regard it 
Let us know 

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Elliot Sperber is a writer, attorney, and adjunct professor. He lives in New York City and can be reached at elliot.sperber@gmail.com and on twitter @elliot_sperber.