Episode 19: Catarina Lorenzo and Arely on the Wyatt in Central Falls RI, Ken Interviews Silky Shah and Dr. Peggy Mustelier about ‘The Shock Corridor’ and Krome Detention Facility [Extended]


This week, we bring you an extended special report on the immigration-incarceration industrial complex. Andrew was on the ground for months with activists that have been fighting ICE and began the campaign to close the Donald W. Wyatt Detention Facility in Central Falls, RI, a private prison holding federally-detained migrants. Last week that campaign broke into national headlines when a guard drove his pickup truck into a crowd of activists with the Jewish group Never Again is Now. We bring you an interview with Arely, an activist who has been working on the campaign all year. For more info, visit the website for #ShutDownICE and consider donating to the AMOR Network.

Then, Ken brings you interviews with Silky Shah and Dr. Peggy Mustelier as part of his recent New Republic report on Krome Service Processing Center in Florida titled ‘Shock Corridor: The First Inside Report From An Ice Mental-Health Facility’. ICE officials have previously bragged in the press about facilities at Krome. To hear them tell it, Krome is a state-of-the-art treatment facility for immigrants (documented and otherwise), housed at its nationwide complex of more than 200 detention facilities. It provides stellar medical services, agency officials say, and especially so in the pivotal realm of immigrant mental health. What emerged from Ken’s visit, along with months of additional reporting, was a far darker and more sinister picture than the one painted by the Trump administration, ICE, and the immigration system’s many media enablers.

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