Episode 17: Margaret Kimberley


This week Ken is in the field reporting from parts unknown so Andrew sits down to interview Margaret Kimberley. She is a senior columnist and editor with Black Agenda Report whose Freedom Rider column is essential reading for progressives during these interesting times. Her recent column is titled “The Trump and Pelosi Lovefest” and says that the President and Speaker of the House “are birds of a feather when it comes to beating up on dissident women of color.” We talk about why she says progressives need to #DumpTheDemocrats and vote for the Green Party not despite Trump but because it was the intentional decisions of the Dems that got us into this mess in the first place! RussiaGate, foreign policy, the Black Alliance for Peace, the rising tide of class consciousness in the United States, the misery caused by austerity, and her book being published next winter are just some of the topics we discuss!

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