Photo Essay: Looking on the positive side of the Trump presidency, mass protests


Well. I have to admit, the Trump presidency turned ugly far more rapidly than I had anticipated. On the positive side, since I’m ever the optimist, I believe Hillary Clinton represented her own uniquely toxic threat to democracy and had she won, there would have been no protests to greet her. Instead, we would have witnessed the grotesque specter of Hillary taking office to immense relief and cries that the worst had been avoided even as she appointed a host of Wall Street cronies and ratcheted up calls for war with Russia.

Let’s see where the protests lead, but at least “civil society” — the proper term for social movements in repressive Banana Republics like ours — has finally woken up because reform through the Democratic Party is a pipe dream. And thank you Donald Trump for igniting a fuse.

These photographs of protests in Boston over the weekend were submitted by Harold InDelicato, who gave us permission to run them.

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