Photo Essay: Area Man says, "Hey, didn't The Onion use to Be funny before Clinton-oids took over?


I was out at a used bookstore last night and got “The Onion Presents Homeland Insecurity,” which was published in 2006. It got me thinking that The Onion used to be pretty funny and now I barely read it anymore. It also got me thinking that if I wrote a short item about the book I could write it off as a business expense. Hence, this story.

It also got me wondering why I don’t find The Onion very funny anymore. Why, I wondered, as I just noted, was that? It’s not because I’ve matured, that’s for sure. Upon reflection, I realized that The Onion, though not nearly as totally, started sucking like the Daily Show, John Oliver (also not nearly as totally) and Stephen Colbert.

Those others have sucked for a lot longer than The Onion, but they all got far, far worse during last year’s presidential campaign when they openly sided with Hillary Clinton against Donald Trump. And in comedy, like in life, one should be in opposition to just about everything, and certainly every political figure.

Anyway, The Onion’s decline no doubt hastened after Univision bought a big stake in it in early-2016. And Univision’s co-owner is Haim Saban, a major donor to Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party.

Anyway, it’s easy to find more about that if you want on the Internet. I’ve got to get moving, though, so that’s all from me on the topic.

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